Protect yourself. Protect your hearing.

For a professional musician like Lauren, firing an unsuppressed  rifle can be a career-ending event. Rifle reports are all too close to concussion grenade (flashbang) noise levels. Taking them down by 28-40dB makes a big difference. So does wearing plugs and muffs (or custom-molded amplified earbuds), but few people would have time to put those on in self-defense situations.

Tech details for the curious:

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8 Responses to Protect yourself. Protect your hearing.

  1. Andy says:

    I can, and have, fired rifles and carbines left handed. The right-side ejection is distracting only to the untrained. Shoot more: After a few hundred rounds it stops being a distraction.

    Also, one must consider that one might have to pick up and use another’s rifle. That rifle, in all likelihood (>75% chance) would be set up for a right handed shooter. Or that the brass deflector would come off or snag on something at the worst possible time.

    TL;DR: Train at a disadvantage and you will learn to overcome it.

    • Rob says:

      It depends on the rifle. Having hot brass deflected back into your neck, shoulders, and face is more than just a distraction. Thankfully, few rifles will eject in that direction, but some will. Except for bullpups. A good half or more are not ambidextrous, and the ejection port is right where a lefty’s cheek would normally rest. Not good.

      TL;DR: you’re pontificating on a subject you don’t seem to understand quite as much as you think you do.

  2. Talie says:

    I read somewhere that in France it is strongly recommended to use a suppressor while hunting to protect the hunter’s hearing.

    • Foetus says:

      I’m not aware of hunters using that many suppressors though, but I do not hunt.
      However it’s true that once you have a shooting or hunting licence, suppressors are perfectly legal and can be bought like any accessory.

      That’s at least one advantage we have over you guys ^^

      • Y. says:

        Wish it was the case here.

        Around here, there’s been more than a couple of shooting ranges closed down after people bought land nearby, built homes there and started complaining.

        Suppressors could solve 95% of such cases, nicely or nastily.

    • JLA says:

      Not just in France. In several European countries, including Britain, using a sound suppressor is considered a common courtesy to the neighbors!

  3. Paul Koning says:

    The right hand grip looks different from what I’m used to — side arm, essentially. Is that because of the drum? I suppose it works fine, it just looks surprising.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      No, the drum is small enough for the traditional hold, but that’s how she held it for a comfortable hold.

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