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Buhurt, the traditional martial art

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Cost-benefit analysis for protective gear

Wearing rifle-rated body armor seems like the most obviously beneficial daily practice. In addition to stopping bullets, it also protects from bruises and abrasions. It’s such a great idea that it should be mandatory! Oh, wait…why not? Armor, even the … Continue reading

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The utility of armor

Getting hit isn’t fun even with hard armor on, but trauma pads spread the impact widely enough to avoid most injury. ¬†Definitely beats being able to see daylight through your own torso.

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Learning from the misfortunes of others

Since assassins, same as other violent criminals, get to choose the time and the place of the attack, they often land the first hit before the victim can respond. To that end, concealable armor can be a lifesaver. The example … Continue reading

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Darkness, my old friend…

RDB-C bullpup in 6.5mm Grendel with 3x Bering Optics scope and a quick-detachable night vision device. ¬†Infrared illuminator is off to the right. PMR30 on the side for close-range backup. Spare mags ride over AR50o steel plates. The smiley gunner … Continue reading

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Why such an emphasis on smaller and lighter guns: new on AllOutoor

The change in demographics of gun ownership.

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Weight is a relative concept

I am playing with new plates in an old carrier. Trying to decide between it, older Dyneema plates backed with soft armor and just going with pistol/buckshot-rated vest. Thoughts?

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