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.50 caliber 1911 — new on American Shooting Journal

Guncrafter Industries’ Model No. 4 50 GI

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A familiar face in print

Found Alexis in a Gemtech ad on the pages of American Shooting Journal:

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North American Arms Factory Tour: new at AllOutdoor.

Manufacturing and gun culture symbiosis 

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If you shoot 5.7x28mm ammunition

Take a look at RR Weapon Systems 5.7 loads, especially R37X (0.66″ mushrooms on the right). Loaded to full power (2680fps from 16″ AR57 barrel), accurate for the caliber (2MOA), and good terminal performer (penetrates 12″ of gel).

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Hush, Daddy!

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Hi-Point 380ACP Carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Odd specifications, good performance.

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Glock 41 Longslide review: new on AllOutdoor

Accurate, comfortable, potent.

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7.62 Tokarev for hobbits

25NAA cartridges on the left, 32NAA on the right.

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Keystone 722 Varmint first shots

This rifle is incredible. At 25 yards, all shots with CCI Green Tag or Aguila match land on top of each other with minimal effort on my part. I did upgrade the scope to get adjustable parallax at 25. Typically, … Continue reading

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Rimfire rifles, big and small

Ruger 10-22 Takedown with NC Star Octagon 1.1-4x scope. Keystone 722 Varmint with the bundled Simmons 3-9x scope. A very extensive article on the various 722 models is coming out at American Shooting Journal this summer. Rimfire Central folks are … Continue reading

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Third issue of TheSear is up

With my article Winning Hearts and Minds in it.

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Luger P08 with Modern Ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

Retro Carry Option  

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Self-defense Firearm Selection for a Non-Shooter: new on AllOutdoor

Optimizing defensive weapon selection under specific constraints.

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Ready for range time

Keystone 722 rimfire carbine, Pro Ears muffs and Rudy Project eye protection.

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Funny wabbit!

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Alexis misses Tryce

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Olympus E500 or similar camera

Does anyone have an E500 they could lend me for a few days? I’d like to figure out if friend’s problem with one are from the technical limitations of the body or some other cause.

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Daily leather

Recently, I noticed that my most frequently carried pistol is an old Glock 23 in a pancake holster, a type that I don’t normally favor. I am not a great fan of mid-size .40 pistols, so this practice puzzled me. … Continue reading

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vz58: new at American Shooting Journal

Petite vz. 58 Bridges The Gap Between Submachine Gun And Rifle

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Chiappa Triple Crown 20ga: new on AllOutdoor

A fun shotgun with real-world uses.

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