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Portraits old and new

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What’s in the tin?

Did she bring enough for everyone? A slightly exaggerated rendition of both effect and capacity, but a neat movie fragment nonetheless.

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“This machine kills Fascists”

Works on Commies of various stripes, too. Peace and Love, right?

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Better Grips for the Smith & Wesson Victory: new on AllOutdoor

A new Tandemkross accessory for the S&W .22 pistol.

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New edits of old photos.

Back in 2009, I edited one image from a shoot because its strangeness appealed to me. This week, I edited two more conventional photos because I learned more about editing and could do a better job than before. Photos like these … Continue reading

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YHM8900 integrally suppressed rifle

What to take to a quick trip with a new model to the neighbor’s farmland? Yankee Hill 8900 integrally suppressed clone of a 10-22 with a 1.5-4x Leupold scope. Ear safe with Aguila 40gr subsonics, and accurate enough for the … Continue reading

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Devin Standard, c.2010

Just found and edited an old photo of a friend.

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“Custom” is all about what customers want: new on AllOutdoor

Fighting Sheepdog Rifles

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A parent’s duty to safeguard her child doesn’t stop at birth. (Four years ago.)

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Rhonda Ezell

One of the heroes of the RKBA movement.

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Canik TP9sfx

The longslide version of the TP9 seems to do well in controlled rapid fire. DJ Petrou is pretty fast with the mag changes, too. A full review is coming soon.

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