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Studio or another indoor space for photos in Minneapolis

I am looking for a space that I could use for portrait, gun poster and figure work this coming Saturday, January 3, near Hopkins, Edina or Minneapolis. Does anyone have suggestions or leads? Outdoors is just too cold this time … Continue reading

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Any Canon 70D users in Nashville?

I am considering adding a 70D to my 5Dmk2 as a more video and action oriented body. However, I’d like to try it for a day before buying. I just tried a friend’s Nikon D700 and the user interface improvement … Continue reading

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Security measures merely move terrorist events…

…to the check-in site:  Volgograd, Russia gets an explosion right in the crowd at the metal detector. In short, even if successful, security measures save trains or aircraft from damage, not passengers.

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Peaceful uses of explosives

In response to my recent post, everyone focused on combat uses of explosives. While that is an important use, it is relatively uncommon. Just as firearms are used for recreation, hunting and other non-defensive uses far, far more often than … Continue reading

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Ever wondered why Japan has no gun rights movement?

Consider that the ready access to explosives has been only restricted in the US for less than one lifetime. How many civil rights RKBA activists even try to get access to explosives and various tools containing them (grenades, mines, detcord, … Continue reading

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Force multiplier

A 52 year old woman, no matter now well trained, would be hard pressed to keep up with young men who make up the majority of violent criminals. Add a Glock to her hip and a .308 rifle to her … Continue reading

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From a recent range trip

My friend and his two nieces, 15 and 22. As people mentioned before, the other side doesn’t have nearly as much fun.

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Recent portrait of me

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The main reason for Sub2000 carbine

The main reason behind Sub2000 is the extended aimed range it offers while retaining compatibility with common carry pistols and compact enough storage dimensions to fit most briefcases. Effective aimed range with most pistols is under 15m, while a pistol … Continue reading

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Season’s greetings!

“And save us some dead critter bits off your plate, will ‘ya?”

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Gianni Rodari in English?

Does anyone know if “The Blue Arrow” or “Jasmine in the Country of Liars” have ever been translated into English?

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More portraits from liberal Austin, TX

(Explanation of the caption) Snapshots from my visit with TWS.

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Video playback problem solved.

Turns out that the 3.5mm mini plug was partially pulled out of the computer, so only one of the two stereo channels would come through. Simple!

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Video playback sound problem.

In the last week, I noticed that about 10% of Youtube videos play without audio in all three browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome). For example, plays fine but has no sound. I am not sure how to fix that. … Continue reading

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Quick demo of Faxon upper in action

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Domestication as an evolutionary success?

Domesticated animals have been around for tends of millions of years. Many ant species look after aphids in exchange for sugary secretions from their six-legged flocks. Human domestication of selected species certainly assured their survival to a far greater degree … Continue reading

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Tomboy by day, girly girl by night

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Comrade Bronstein, I presume?

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Video card problem?

Just had both of my screens blink to black for a fraction of a second. It did so twice over about five minutes. Exhaust temperature from the fans is cool. Any thoughts on figuring out what’s going on? (The PC … Continue reading

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Upgrading the PSL

Romanian PSL is a decent way to launch 7.62x54R without punishing recoil. For a 13 year old marksman, that’s an important consideration. Sure, she’s fired 338 Lapua Mag rifles last year, but they were heavy, set up on a bipod … Continue reading

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