…and the dog returns to its vomit: Germany and its Nazi legacy.

My friend Miggy made me aware of an interesting development: a court rules the members of the least socialist of the German political parties may not own guns. A friend who is a member of that party commented:

Long story: biased judge who obviously hates afd issued a verdict that violates several laws and ignores other court verdicts of higher laws​. I know the affected couple​: the guy is retired gsg9. He was a collector, target shooter and hunter. His wife was a collector and target shooter. They will sue to the next court​. I haven’t read his verdict but​ read one issued by the same judge against another afd guy​. You can’t deem a person unreliable only because he or she is ​a member of group x​. ​German gun law states that each case has to be looked into individually​. Party member x said xenophob​ic things​,​ member y didn​’t​: person x might be unreliable, while person y will be ok​. This judge just ignored that​. Its called “sippenhaft” or collective punishment​. Its the same shit the nazis and communists did​.

​Your brother did bad stuff? ​Tough luck, we will punish you too​, because you are related​. Basic foundation of law states that you can only be held reliable for your OWN actions​.
​These people didn’t do anything wrong or criminal​, their only crime is “thought crime” or party membership​. Hopefully​,  this verdict will, get revoked by a higher court​. Other, higher courts decided correctly that you can’t be held accountable in collective guilt fashion. I guess the next higher court will rule the same, but it costs a lot of money, and the people still have to give up their property. The affected couple probably has a financial loss of 100.000€.

He clarified that the decision affects only the couple in question rather than all members of afd, but the precedent is not good.

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2 Responses to …and the dog returns to its vomit: Germany and its Nazi legacy.

  1. Mike says:

    I remember a documentary about Leonard Bernstein in the 1970s.
    When he began a revival of Malher in Vienna, the orchestra resisted him. Sheissemusik!
    Mahler was banned by the NAZI party.
    30 years later, the NAZI influence was still holding the Vienna Philharmonic members.

  2. Alex Lund says:

    Its called Battle against the Right (Kampf gegen Rechts).
    And against evil Nazis everything is legal.
    Because you know the Nazis are just one step away from taking power.

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