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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Taurus Raging Bull 44¬†Magnum   Nagant Revolver in Serious¬†Use

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Holster for teaching.

Later this week, I will be instructing a friend in the use of handguns. She is over 60, has small arthritic hands and has never used a firearm before. She’s taking her required carry course over the weekend. Her loving … Continue reading

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Monsters under her bed…

…are useful for illustrating the Castle Doctrine.

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Slower on her feet, no slower on the draw.

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Every Day Carry kit

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Dragon Leather Flapjack

Very comfortable holster.

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Another Sideguard holster

I like Eric’s work: it’s durable, looks good and doesn’t cost too much. And, personally, I also like looking at Danica. Sideguard

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Self-reliance promotes survival

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Another purse from Pistol Tote’n Mamas

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A good read

Book | Holster

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Sideguard holsters again

As I mentioned once or twice before, I really like Eric’s work. And a spare magazine

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Dragon Leatherworks

Say Uncle turned me on to this great holster maker. The holster below has been in heavy use for months, but it still looks like new.

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Coonan .357 automatic

Coonan | Sideguard | Larger photos My interest in Coonan pistols was accidental. John Paul of JP Rifles mentioned him and let me photograph an old one from his collection. I then had a chance to fire a current pistol … Continue reading

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XR9S getting closer to delivery time

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Bersa .380 holster

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Another winsome smile

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Holsters for P3AT and Charter Undercover

Sideguard | Bladetech | HPR

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Sideguard holsters everywhere

A friend brought me his revolver and two holsters for photos. Since his J-frame fits a new IWB Sideguard I have here, I took it out of the case…and found a Sideguard pocket holster within. Here it is:

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For my Polish friends

The rights of Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonbians, Czechs and Moldovans to go armed for self-protection are respected. The rights of Poles aren’t.

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