Self-reliance promotes survival

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8 Responses to Self-reliance promotes survival

  1. Tarra says:

    Excellent. Well said.

  2. mp5FanBoy says:

    I hate to pick a nit… You draw your weapon to kill. “I just wanted to scare ’em” would probably be frowned upon and likely result in brandishing charges.

    • Miles Littlefield says:

      mp5FanBoy, I disagree. You draw your weapon to end a confrontation in which you fear for your life. If that results in the other guy leaving without shots fired – no problem. If you have to shoot the attacker and that only injures the other guy – that’s not good for him to get injured, but it’s certainly better than you getting hurt. If you have to shoot and that results in the other guy’s death, that’s too bad for him but he started it and you’re still alive.

      Any of those outcomes will end the confrontation with a hostile attacker – you don’t always have to kill when faced with an assault that makes you fear for your life.

      Oleg’s caption states “…scare off or shoot the attackers…”. That is much more defensible than publishing a caption that states “I only draw my weapon to kill” OR “I just wanted to scare ’em”

      @Oleg: Great job — again!

    • ChrisJ says:

      What I think gets lost in translation is that in no way is anyone ever suggesting to draw with the intent to scare. No, it is always draw with the intent to shoot, BUT if in that split second the bad guy decides to stop posing a threat then you are no longer justified in shooting.

      As per the FBI-stats, this is how most self-defense scenarios play out, which is that for all intents and purposes the bad guy was “scared” into compliance. BUT if that didn’t happen, you damn well better be intent on shooting. Otherwise that’s where the “belief,” about having your gun taken from you and used against you comes from.

    • KD5NRH says:

      IMO, you do what it takes to “significantly reduce the attacker’s ability to continue to pose an immediate threat of deadly force.” Whether that’s running away or bleeding out is up to the attacker right up until you pull the trigger.

  3. Tony says:

    Yeah, but I read some FBI statistics that asserted that over 90% of *reported* self defense incidents where a firearm was used… were ended just with presentation (drawing your firearm). As a percentage of reported confrontations, the defender’s firearm was actually fired very few times.

  4. C.P. Cassidy says:

    Well done. Well conceived.

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