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New on CTD: Arguing Semantics

Tips on debating anti-gunners are up on CTD blog.

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Applying make-up (nsfw)

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Armed response

Chiappo Rhino .357 coming out of a Woolstenhulme gun purse. The flip-flops aren’t good for combat, but not everybody dresses around condition yellow.

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Number of states vs. the degree of control.

The number of countries in Europe in 1875 – 18 (if my count is correct). In 1914 – 23. In 2012 – 44. I wonder if the degree of state control over individuals has grown or declined. In the US, … Continue reading

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A special day, 23rd squared

Today, is a special day for me, it’s the 23rd anniversary of coming to the United States. Was a pretty good day, mostly spent taking photos of Remington shotguns, tactical and sniper rifles for several magazines. Good weather, a range … Continue reading

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Little girl’s first day at the range

This girl and her mother were both afraid of guns. Her mother went just to learn how to unload them…ended up getting a taste for shooting, while her daughter turned into a full-bore gun nut at age eight. She started … Continue reading

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Pistol shooters

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New on CTD: Rimfire trainers

What can’t you do with them? Read the article.

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A shotgun named Vera

In shotgun we trust? (“Vera” means “faith” in Russian.) Made by Coal Creek Armory.

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Which of them is having more fun?

The guy with an advanced .308 bullpup topped with a Nightforce scope… …or the kid with a GSG522 topped with a budget Primary Arms 1-4x? PS: The kid should have been wearing safety glasses. That was fixed as soon as … Continue reading

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Shotgun! Blast!

As you can see, both recoil energetically. The difference in muzzle flash is mainly due to the barrel length, as they were firing the same ammunition. With both guns, you get to throw lead at the target by the pound, … Continue reading

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GSG522 gets scoped

When I took the 522 carbine to the range first, I had a (broken) red dot sight with it — predictably, the results didn’t look useful until I removed it and used iron sights. The gun comes with several front … Continue reading

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A job for an accountant?

A friend just graduated from college and looking for a job in accounting, preferably in Kentucky or Tennessee. If you have any leads on such position, please let me know and I will forward the resume.

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A friend’s cat relaxes on a guest. Gremlin is waiting out the rain.

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Kathy Jackson

Author of Cornered Cat and editor of Concealed Carry magazine. Amazingly talented writer.

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A portrait

Photographer/model Chryseis Dawn.

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Viridian X5L RS installed

In case of civil unrest, rioters would be well served to stay away from people with rings on their fingers. A single person might choose to retreat, but those who can’t maneuver due to kids would be more inclined to … Continue reading

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For an upcoming magazine article

Also useful for computer wallpapers.

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Cell phone solution for European travel

This summer, I will be in Prague and Budapest for about ten days. I’d like to stay in touch with people by phone, but not sure how viable my AT&T Android phone would be there. Any suggestions on the best … Continue reading

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Same photo, completely different look

The image I posted last week is now on the front page of YHM site. And it looks completely different! I like what their designer has done with it.

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