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How safe is your area? New on AllOutdoor.

A simple visual indicator of crime levels.

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A fashion dilemma

Pity most European countries allow only the first option to their subjects… PS: It’s not like certain parts of America are any better…looking at you, New York City!

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Frog Lube for French Resistance

Contrary to my original understanding of Europe, some countries there have a substantial amount of privately held guns. Unfortunately, very few of them permit defensive use. Even Switzerland has curtailed legal carry, leaving Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova and possibly some … Continue reading

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History tells us that extraterritoriality has been the cause of many uprisings against foreigners, notably the Boxer Rebellion. De-facto immunity from the local laws currently afforded to non-Europeans in countries like Sweden, Germany and France are likely to cause a … Continue reading

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Taking the fun out of flying?

The airports have largely rebounded from the low point of 2001-2005. TSA creatures are less deliberately odious, and the quality of the cabin service is slowly creeping up again. That said, look at any 1960s or early 70s movie that … Continue reading

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Number of states vs. the degree of control.

The number of countries in Europe in 1875 – 18 (if my count is correct). In 1914 – 23. In 2012 – 44. I wonder if the degree of state control over individuals has grown or declined. In the US, … Continue reading

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Cell phone solution for European travel

This summer, I will be in Prague and Budapest for about ten days. I’d like to stay in touch with people by phone, but not sure how viable my AT&T Android phone would be there. Any suggestions on the best … Continue reading

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