A fashion dilemma

Pity most European countries allow only the first option to their subjects…

PS: It’s not like certain parts of America are any better…looking at you, New York City!

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7 Responses to A fashion dilemma

  1. revjen45 says:

    I really like the idea of well armed seductively attired attractive wimmen surprising the savages who think they can move in and start telling the indigenous population how to live.

  2. Lyle says:

    I’m all with you except for the high heels. If there is a more disabling form of attire in current use in the West I can’t think of it. We have to go back to the old Chinese practice of foot binding to get much worse. Apparently both have something to do with sexual allure, and so; are we really any less irrational than some of the old cultures we think we’ve surpassed?

  3. Art out West says:

    What is the carry method of the gal with the short dress? Where does the gun go, when wearing this outfit? It isn’t practical to just carry the pistol in your hand all the time. You need a holster. I don’t see a waistband. I don’t see pockets. The skirt seems too short for practical thigh, or ankle carry. I guess that leaves us with the Flash-bang bra, or purse carry. Neither of those are very good options. Also, the high-heels aren’t practical for gun fighting.

    The burka on the other hand, provides all sort of concealed carry options. That gal could easily concealed carry a Draco, or Uzi, a Model 29, a 12 gauge pump, or a Desert Eagle. She might even be able to carry a Tavor. Nobody knows what she might have to protect herself with.

    I’m glad to live in the USA (and to be a man). I can just throw my J-Frame 642 into a pocket holster in my pants pocket and forget about it.

  4. Paul Koning says:

    An increasing number of European countries do not allow *either* option to their inmates (subjects). That’s because freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, are not taken seriously in those countries. And that’s a consequence of either not having a Constitution at all, or not having a meaningful one. (Holland is an example of the latter: it pretends to have a Constitution, but that document itself says that it doesn’t have any force of law. Go figure.)

  5. Lyle says:

    I don’t know. The woman dressed in bed sheets could be carrying an M60 under all of that.

  6. Makis says:

    Properly accessorized and modestly dressed are not two conditions mutually exclusive.

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