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Camcorder recommendations requested

I am looking for an HD camcorder that writes to a memory card. My preliminary search shows several possible models in $1500-$3000 range. Main interest is finding something I can use handheld (or shoulder mounted) without shaking the unit every … Continue reading

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Sideguard holsters everywhere

A friend brought me his revolver and two holsters for photos. Since his J-frame fits a new IWB Sideguard I have here, I took it out of the case…and found a Sideguard pocket holster within. Here it is: Erik’s work … Continue reading

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Collective punishment

Bolsheviks and Nazis alike practiced collective punishment. The Reds would take hostages against “good behavior” of residents of a town and shoot them if any resistance was offered. Nazis would sometimes kill everyone in a town near which one of … Continue reading

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Garand receiver

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Garand enbloc clip

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For my Polish friends

The rights of Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonbians, Czechs and Moldovans to go armed for self-protection are respected. The rights of Poles aren’t.

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Various Kel-tec P3AT holsters

Adams’ pocket holster looks pretty good for having been worn for a year! Galco | Adams | Hornady | Keltec I will post more P3AT holster photos this weekend. I am beginning to suspect that holsters and women’s shoes have … Continue reading

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Pink flamingo

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Peltor 7 and 6S amplified muffs

This January, I lent my amplified muffs to somebody among my friends for a range trip. Can’t recall who that was and I’d like to get the muffs back. Whoever has them, please let me know.

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Immigrant wildlife

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The way everyone views the TSA…

They rank below Sergeant Schultz and closer to rat feces with most people.

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“Tipping Point” by Frank Clarke is out in print

I recommend Tipping Point — it’s a well-written, engaging and sometimes humorous “what if” political speculation.

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40 grains worth of smoke signal

A five-foot tall woman with a 45Colt carbine can protect herself from most North American predators, whether two or four legged types. 300 grain bullet at 1600-1700fps is just above 50AE in energy and penetration. Should the ten round magazine … Continue reading

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Danica smiles

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This blog is supported by…

…the same ISP that supports Gun Rights Media and Armed Polite Society forums, A Human Right and my photo gallery: Geovario. I recommend them highly, both for the quality of service and for their strong support of RKBA.

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On a recent photo shoot

Photo by C Scott Bragg

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Good quality, inexpensive pocket holster for J-frame or Charter .38

Met Luke Adams at SHOT show and was very impressed by the quality of his leather work. He makes holsters to order and they are a steal at the prices he charges. His designs are sensible and extremely durable — … Continue reading

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Guy de Maupassant

I have a nice 1920s edition of his short stories. The man was as much a cynic as Twain but more morbid than funny. The cultural references are quite dated but most of the attitudes aren’t.

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New carry book on the way

I supplied the cover design and most over the inside illustrations.

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