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A girl and her dog

  You’ve seen Natasha and Humphrey kissing before, now more about them. Humphrey is a pretty cool dog. Natasha is pretty cool herself, and incredibly fit…

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Tender is the kiss

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Tasty sleeve

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A boy and his dog

“Inside every old man is a little boy, wondering what happened…”

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Don’t hide behind your pets

Dogs are less likely to use deadly force appropriately than responsible people. Depending on their training, they may hurt a person who shouldn’t be bitten or fail to go after a genuine intruder. Dogs are more likely to get hurt … Continue reading

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Where pugs come from

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Best furry friends

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A cute puppy or a semi-autonomous bioweapon?

That yearling puppy was one of the cutest and most friendly dogs I’ve ever encountered.

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Roman Cane Corso puppy

This puppy is one year old. He weighs 120 pounds. He’s extremely protective of his humans. Between the puppy, the giraffe and the four year old daughter, they have a full menagerie!

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More snapshots from Prague

Typical Czech river sailors? Nice legs. A boy and a girl A doggie date A small pride of cats A spaniel? (Update) Apparently a dachshund.

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Hi, there!

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Today’s snapshots

Both photos taken with LX3. Looks like the upgrade to GH2 with 20/1.7 and 45/1.8 will have to happen. The images are just too noisy and the LCD was so hard to see in daylight. Plus the 60mm equivalent lens … Continue reading

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Black dog

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