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Lacey’s new rifle

Lacey is a singer and a song writer. She’s now also a competitive shooter. Here’s her new rifle, built with some assistance from UM Tactical.

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Chad the Awesome

One reason why I love my work: cool people.

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Don’t hide behind your pets

Dogs are less likely to use deadly force appropriately than responsible people. Depending on their training, they may hurt a person who shouldn’t be bitten or fail to go after a genuine intruder. Dogs are more likely to get hurt … Continue reading

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Her various attitudes

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Is she a model, or real?

At the time this photo was taken, the model has never fired a gun. The image is ok, but not amazing. As we worked with long guns, cross eye dominance was discovered. A good quality red dot sight, like the … Continue reading

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Sometimes shorter IS better: a very handy CQB package

This is a Spike’s Tactical 300 Blackout pistol with 8.5″ barrel. It delivers fairly impressive external ballistics, but it’s still an AR pistol and requires specific training for effective use. When a friend came by with a registered short barrel lower (also Spike’s … Continue reading

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Keltec KSG in fun mode

More information about KSG.

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RDB in OD Green, 17.2″ barrel

The optic is the familiar 3x prismatic with BDC reticle. The 3x reticle is not the same as shown in the video, but the principles of use are the same.

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Keltec RDB wallpaper (1920×1080)

with Vortex 1-6x scope and Noveske Flaming Pig muzzle device.

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24″ RFB in use

4-16x Vortex scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul VFG, RSA and sling. Same but with Keltec muzzle brake instead of the suppressor, and with Viridian X5L RS on the rail. I can’t wait to get it zeroed. Federal and Hornady both … Continue reading

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