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A very smart four year old

This kid has serious social engineering skills.

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STI .22 conversion kit

This STI conversion kit swaps instantly with the regular M1911 slide for cheap, low-recoil practice. 100 rounds of good quality .22LR cost about $6, 100 rounds of 45ACP ball closer to $40. The manual of arms differs from the standard … Continue reading

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Brown Bess, the movie

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New camera coming.

I finally ordered a Panasonic G2 with 20mm and 45mm lenses. Rather than it being a substitute for 5Dmk2, it’s going to take the LX3 out of the equation. I’d lose the extreme macro capability but gain low-light performance, magnified … Continue reading

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Movie review: Albert Nobbs Watched a period drama about a woman who spent most of her life pretending to be a man to get by in the late 19th century Britain. I recommend it. The acting was good and carried the film, but … Continue reading

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Another Twisted Industries rimfire conversion kit

Twisted Industries now have a Keltec P11 conversion kit available. I am a fan. .22 conversion kits have two main purposes: reducing ammunition costs to between 10% (with 10mm Auto and similar) and 20% (in 9mm), and also easing the … Continue reading

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Appleseed rifle training

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What am I doing here? No idea!

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Studio corner

She’s watching her friend’s photo shoot with morbid fascination…

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None dare call this pretty.

FN57 pistol is second only to High Point and some WW2 Japanese designs in full-out industrial ugliness. However, it is accurate, holds a useful number of rounds and, once sound-suppressed, comfortable to fire. This one is a part of the … Continue reading

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New on CTD: The first purpose of handgun optics

Read The first purpose of handgun optics.

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A friend’s rifle

YHM .308 suppressor on a .223 rifle with quick-detachable barrel (since he doesn’t own a .223 can yet), Magpul BUIS, stock and Ranger plate. Normally, he uses a CCA light foregrip, but I replaced it with Viridian C5 for my … Continue reading

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The training advantage of handgun

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Birds of Las Vegas

Both photos were taken with 135/2, so the birds were pretty tame.

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RMR30 from a couple of angles

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Before the kids are old enough to be left alone…

…teach them to deal with possible emergencies. Home invasions are among such events. This 10 year old girl has taken multiple courses at Front Sight and can run a Glock, a 1911 and an Uzi.

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RMR30 is very small

Keltec views RMR30 as a hunting and plinking carbine. It can be that, but I see it more as a home defense rifle for people who cannot hold up a heavy rifle or deal with much recoil. From a 16″ … Continue reading

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Tavor seen at SHOT show

Michael Kassnar of Trans World Arms holds the semi-auto Tavor. An improved version of it will be produced in the US later this year. I really like that the field-stripping yields just two major sub-assemblies without any loose small parts.

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Why bother inventing new calibers? New on CTD

Read A case for the new cartridge.

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