Before the kids are old enough to be left alone…

…teach them to deal with possible emergencies. Home invasions are among such events.

This 10 year old girl has taken multiple courses at Front Sight and can run a Glock, a 1911 and an Uzi.

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12 Responses to Before the kids are old enough to be left alone…

  1. Ayn D says:

    Thank you for taking the photos (i really liked them)!!!

  2. DJMoore says:

    Watched an episode of the American version of Prime Suspect, which had a girl of about this same age find a pistol under a bush, take it back home, and, due to ignorance, fire it accidentally, only to have the bullet go through the window and kill a woman in an apartment across the street.

    The grieving (and now exonerated) husband of the dead woman is informed of this, and agonizes, “I can’t even get mad, can I?”

    “Sure you can,” smarms the detective, “You can get mad at the person who left this gun under a bush.”

    Or, I nearly shouted at the tube, the negligent parents who hadn’t even bothered to teach their daughter the NRA child gun safety rules, much less the four rules of gun handling, or, Heaven forfend, how to actually use one of the darned things.

    The young lady in your photos, of course, would never be responsible for such a terrible accident.

    (Of course, I’ll never watch another minute of that show again. What a waste of mediocre talent.)

    • perspicuity says:

      or for mundane kids “if you find something strange, or dangerous, or … get an adult, call 911, but DO NOT TOUCH IT, unless you are darn well you know how to. even then…”

      you know what? if *I* found a gun under a bush? movie rules have taught me “do not touch it, the second you do, FBI will be on you, and you will be blamed for a 9 state killing spree”.

      911 from a pay phone, and walk away…

  3. Alany H says:

    I am glad my kids do know how to protect themselves. All kids should have that confidence and lack some of the fear of “what if”. Knowing what to do is power, saving a life is forever!

  4. Paladin says:

    Congrats to this girls parents for taking the time to teach her skills to help keep her safe. Stuff like this drives the anti-gun crowd bonkers. Teaching your child to swim is considered a prudent thing to do. Supplying your kid with a bicycle helmet is just good sense. But teaching your child not to shoot themselves (or someone else accidentally) if they should come across a gun is crazy to their mindset. ‘Cuz guns are “evil”, of course.

  5. docjim505 says:

    Ditto Paladin: why is it weird or downright “bad” to teach children to handle a firearm safely and even use it to defend themselves?

    Or do we LIKE seeing children on milk cartons?

  6. Robert says:

    So how soon can we get rifle teams back in public high schools?

  7. Michelle says:

    Agreed, 100%!

    My kids each learned gun safety at age 6. They’re familiar with several different firearms and the two older ones (10 and 8) are proficient with a .22 long rifle. The only thing holding them back now is their ability to handle recoil, but that comes with time.

  8. A says:

    Yes to teaching your kids gun safety.
    No to leaving guns where your kids can get to them unsupervised. Guns are for adults…accidents happen!

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