RMR30 from a couple of angles

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8 Responses to RMR30 from a couple of angles

  1. Alany H says:

    Oh look it is Glen. Great pic

  2. perspicuity says:

    but is it accurate? 🙂

    yer killing me. can i wait 5 more months? i must!

  3. Ogive Meplat says:

    That would be well worth having if the reliability is up to par.

  4. Weston Moss says:

    Want. Also want a half dozen other guns from Kel-Tec that cannot be found for sale….hmmm….

  5. harqueb.us says:

    I sure wish they’d remake the Sub-2000 in this vein.

  6. JBranch says:

    My father is a FFL/gunsmith, still can’t find the PMR-30 anywhere, has folks lined up for them. No love. And don’t even get me started on the folks that want the KSG.

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