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A likable featherweight

The carbine won’t be available until the end of this year. The 3x scope is out now.

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Dragon Leather holsters ride again

Dennis made an awesome custom holster for my friend Dot. Another friend’s 14-year-old daughter is wearing it in the photo. As you can see, a small framed teenager can be comfortable with both a PMR30 on the hip and an … Continue reading

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Today’s range experiement

Tried shooting RMR30 for a group despite wind moving both bullets and the gun itself. Gemtech G5 sound suppressor worked really well, but it was also a bit heavier than the tiny dedicated 22WMR can. Fifteen rounds of CCI Maxi … Continue reading

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On alert

RMR30 carbine with 3x Primary Arms illuminated scope

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RMR30 accuracy

Keltec RMR30 configured as shown (Gemtech 22wmr suppressor, Magpul BUIS, Primary Arms 3x scope) fired at 30 yards yielded this group of 8 shots. The carbine was rested on my camera bag. Each grid square is 1/2″, the group is … Continue reading

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RMR30 from a couple of angles

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RMR30 is very small

Keltec views RMR30 as a hunting and plinking carbine. It can be that, but I see it more as a home defense rifle for people who cannot hold up a heavy rifle or deal with much recoil. From a 16″ … Continue reading

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Woe unto the varmints

Coming soon from Keltec: 30 rounds of 22WMR, great trigger and accuracy, almost no recoil. Charging handle doesn’t reciprocate. Stock will have intermediate positions. Muzzle threaded for a suppressor or a flash hider. Very lightweight.

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Keltec RMR30 in use

By contrast with PMR30, RMR has no visible muzzle flash.

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