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Inexpensive range trip with M1911?

Rimfire M1911, green dot sight, green laser/light — great for teaching newbies and entertaining everybody else. Henschel hat again. $20 worth of good rimfire ammo lasts a day at the range. Next time, I’ll add a sound suppressor to make … Continue reading

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A young lady becomes a rifleman

Combine a child-sized bolt action rifle, a box of low-power quiet .22 ammunition, eye and ear protection, high-visibility targets, three patient instructors and a precocious girl aged four and a half. She drilled with her mother earlier in the week … Continue reading

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RMR30 accuracy

Keltec RMR30 configured as shown (Gemtech 22wmr suppressor, Magpul BUIS, Primary Arms 3x scope) fired at 30 yards yielded this group of 8 shots. The carbine was rested on my camera bag. Each grid square is 1/2″, the group is … Continue reading

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STI .22 conversion kit

This STI conversion kit swaps instantly with the regular M1911 slide for cheap, low-recoil practice. 100 rounds of good quality .22LR cost about $6, 100 rounds of 45ACP ball closer to $40. The manual of arms differs from the standard … Continue reading

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.22 Magnum snubbie

Lots of muzzle flash, lots of noise, not much recoil or muzzle rise. A reasonable defensive choice for people who can’t handle a heavy revolver or strong recoil. From a 2″ barrel, penetration with expansion is 11″, ~14.5″ with ball … Continue reading

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Classic ambidextrous design: Henry .22 lever action

SGB | Lever action .22

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Lightweight Game Getter

A friend brought his 22/45 over, so I took photos of it. Paclite | 22SGB The point of this conversion is to save weight for backpacking and to provide threads for a sound suppressor.

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Charter Arms .44Spl Bulldog with CCI “flying ashtrays”

Brassfetcher gelatin test results from a 4″ barrel. Results from 2.5″ barrel are quite close. 44Special and 45ACP are almost ballistic twins. Wider hollow points possible in revolver rounds make up any difference. Bulldog | Blazer ballistic data

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More about .22 conversion for PF9

As you can see, each magazine tube is made of billet aluminum. They won’t wear out in normal use. Twisted Industries | CCI

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Getting sufficient practice with Kel-tec PF9

This Kel-tec PF9 is set up for inexpensive practice. CTC laser allows better dry fire practice by providing visual feedback to trigger control exercise. This way, if you don’t have time to get to the range, some practice can be … Continue reading

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