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Small arms for right and left hands

Right hand IWB (brown) and left hand tuckable (black) holsters made by Erik Srigley. Right hand (22wmr) and left hand (38spl) revolvers by Charter Arms. Copper rose sculpture by Galina Rubanovskaya, the lovely wife of the recently mentioned knife-maker Nikolay. … Continue reading

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.22 Magnum snubbie

Lots of muzzle flash, lots of noise, not much recoil or muzzle rise. A reasonable defensive choice for people who can’t handle a heavy revolver or strong recoil. From a 2″ barrel, penetration with expansion is 11″, ~14.5″ with ball … Continue reading

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This is why you see numerous Charter revolvers on this blog

Of all the firearm makers, Charter Arms has been the most supportive of the Heller Foundation. In turn, I am supportive of them. If you can make a small donation to Heller Foundation, please do it. If you can make … Continue reading

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