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Please recommend sports medicine practice near Hermitage, TN

I need a quick determination on a mild knee or lower leg injury, Star Sports by my home won’t have openings for several days. Other suggestions are welcome.

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Frog Lube for French Resistance

Contrary to my original understanding of Europe, some countries there have a substantial amount of privately held guns. Unfortunately, very few of them permit defensive use. Even Switzerland has curtailed legal carry, leaving Czechia, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova and possibly some … Continue reading

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Between a 12ga semi-auto and a redhead…

…I’d say the ginger would be far scarier!

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A portrait on a cold day

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The killing of LaVoy Finicum

I am not sure of the details of the specific current standoff between the Western ranchers and the Feds. But it does seem like a small facet of generally abusive conduct by the various government agencies.

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History tells us that extraterritoriality has been the cause of many uprisings against foreigners, notably the Boxer Rebellion. De-facto immunity from the local laws currently afforded to non-Europeans in countries like Sweden, Germany and France are likely to cause a … Continue reading

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Intruders? Give them something to bleed about!

Anything that gets merely scared off will keep preying on innocent people. Buckshot adjusts attitudes more reliably.

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Avidity Arms PD10: new on AllOutdoor

A first look at the new defensive pistol.

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Less fear. More preparation.

A shotgun might be more appropriate, but a pistol with a laser can be quicker to grab from the nightstand.

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Russian body armor uses titanium plates. Do any US makers use it?

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Calling web designers

Recently, I had to search for info on a corporate web site and couldn’t find much there. It was very extensive yet utterly unusable. I may end up suggesting a re-design, but would need to know who can do a … Continue reading

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Leather for Valentines’ Day?

Having written about Dragon Leatherworks often, I’d like to recommend as as a source of gifts for you mate. Since they make custom designs and can decorate or personalize the holsters just the way you want, it could make for a … Continue reading

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Serious kid


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Protection of pets

Does anyone know how the law in the US views the use of deadly force to protect pets? For a hypothetic example, you see a stranger trying to stomp your puppy — what would be the result of you shooting the … Continue reading

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Shotgun Training from Suarez International: new on AllOUtdoor

Learning to run a scattergun.

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Savage 93 FV-SR 22WMR bolt action: new on AllOutdoor

It’s like a very good 22 rifle, only better.

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Two ways to improve a Sig P238

Sig P238 is one of my favorite compact pistols. It can be made even more useful and handy with the following additions: a laser for sighting on the move or in low light, and a set for grips for better … Continue reading

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OATH Expanding and Fragmenting Slugs: new on Alloutdoor

Taking 12ga to a whole new level of destruction.

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Recent book updated with a new cover

Read all about it!

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