The killing of LaVoy Finicum

I am not sure of the details of the specific current standoff between the Western ranchers and the Feds. But it does seem like a small facet of generally abusive conduct by the various government agencies.

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  1. We have no evidence to look at yet, only allegations from one side.

    Third party protests involving armed trespass of fourth party property are not smart, and in any armed standoff, the Feds are going to win.

    There were much more productive ways they could have addressed the perceived improprieties.

    • Doug says:

      Resistance is futile is what your saying?
      Just how did you get to live in the greatest place on God’s green Earth to begin with I ask you?
      You are going to eat those words before this is all over. Mark my words.
      You may as well have murdered LaVoy yourself with a capitulating statement like that above. It is disgusting.
      You should speak for yourself when it comes to surrendering liberty. That is your right none the less. But it is not your right to speak for me or others who see bare naked use of violence and assassination to enforce tyranny to suppress resistance to it when it is employed. Not everyone in this great republic is a coward like you.

      That man was murdered for standing up for freedom, he gave his life for all our freedoms. And you dishonor his courage and sacrifice with your smug capitulation to such egregious acts against rightful acts of liberty. You should be eternally ashamed of yourself.
      And don’t try to make excuses for yourself either, it will fall on deaf ears. Redeem yourself and stand up like a man, an American, and stand for what those brave souls have accomplished, and sacrificed to expose the tyranny of our government and the men who enrich themselves at our expense. Doing so cost you nothing.

  2. Sam says:

    Wrong fight in the wrong place, wrong people.
    You need to win the PR war before you even think of picking up a gun.
    You cannot win the PR war without holding the moral high ground and they failed that miserably. It is called battlefield preparation and they didn’t even know it existed.

  3. Walt Appel says:

    The Bundy’s and the Hammonds are but the tip of a gigantic iceberg of ranchers, farmers and others that the FedGov has, in various ways, deprived people of their land. This has gone on for decades and involved thousands of producers. A short study will prove these points. These two cases are unique in that they made the national media.

    Many say that the aggrieved ought to use the courts. Many have. But when the Gov’t has all the time and our taxpayer money to stretch things out, then the costs become far too much for most to pursue them. The Hammonds are reported to have spent over a $million on their legal fees. It is reported that as part of the plea deal, the BLM was given first rights of refusal to the Hammond property. Between now having no husband or son to do the work because the gov’t ‘performed’ (?) double jeopardy by prosecuting and jailing them twice for the same offense, and the BLM refusing to lease the land anymore, it is expected that Mrs. Hammond will be forced to sell out. Also, when the laws and the courts rule against the people so often, precious little peaceful redress has been had. Few have won in the lower courts, and most of those are overturned in subsequent actions anyway. Numerous other ranchers have also been dealt off their ranches and lands in this near region too.

    Why did this have to become a confrontation? Occupy Wall Street and other peaceful sit-ins haven’t had this kind of issue? Did they need to overturn cars and burn businesses in order to be left alone, as with Ferguson, MO?

    If Uncle Sam will be up front and show the actual evidence, then we could know more. I’m betting my nickel that they’ll not release anything.

    Much more to this than is reported in national media. In fact, there seems to be far better reporting from the Daily Mail (Britain) and RT (Russia) new services.

  4. Steve F says:

    How is that, this i would like to hear
    how would it be handled?

    i guess all LEO and government agencies are bad
    if you had half a clue as to what really goes on behind the scenes and what really goes on to to protect your right to speak out against them

    maybe next time get your ass up to the next hot spot and report on it instead of talking about it from a chair

  5. BillCa says:

    I have to agree with Mr. Willamson.

    Right now it’s difficult to believe either side without some kind of video of the encounter or a neutral 3rd party’s version of events. I disagree with their methods but have some sympathy for their goals.

    • Doug says:

      What is it going to take for you to believe our government is waging war of tyranny against us? The day they come to your door and put a bullet through your head?
      Sympathy? Is that some kind of cloak of justification for not sticking up for those who stick up for our freedoms?

  6. David Broussard says:

    The cause is just, the methods questionable, the outcome preordained and tragic. The irony is that those who most decry the abuse of police power are calling for it here and saying it is justified.

    • Doug says:

      You got that right Brother.
      I’d add it is more than ironic, it enables such tragedies to occur in the first place.

  7. Ray says:

    YES! 1.2.3.and 4 the above.

  8. Paul Koning says:

    Given the history of Waco, it is reasonable to believe that the Feds are not interested in a peaceful outcome of events like this.
    The key issue, of course, is that Federal “ownership” of large swaths of the West is plainly unconstitutional. The only Federal property authorized is “places purchased by the consent of the legislature… for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards, and other needful buildings” (Article 1, Section 8).

  9. Comrade X says:

    Having listened to LaVoy Finicum in many of his interviews (quite easy to find on the net); IMHO he was a good man; who believed very strongly in freedom and liberty.

    You do not have to agree with any of the techniques he employed in his endeavors to have the opinion that I have that his death was tragic and that he died standing for his beliefs. May God bless his soul.

    • Granny Grunch says:

      Is it too early to use the term “martyr”? If not now, there is a suspicion that this term will become popular………. Also noted that the people of Burns,when talking about the incident, don’t want to mention their names…….could it be they don’t trust somebody/some thing?

  10. Antibubba says:

    Paul, what the Feds did NOT want was another Waco. The best thing they could have done is what they did–Nothing. They gave him enough rope to hang himself, even though it was the one piece of equipment they seemed to have in abundance.

    What kind of idiot LEAVES to drive 2 hours away for a meeting thinking he won’t get stopped?

    The only good thing he did was bring MSM attention to BLM abuses. Everything else was a setback.

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