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Why not both?

I keep seeing comments along the lines of: “Instead of telling women to carry guns, teach men not to rape.” Why should the two measures be exclusive of each other? The same applies to self-defense at home: 911 on the … Continue reading

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FN PS90 vs. Kel-Tec CMR30

PDW vs. magnum rimfire

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Ruger PC9 carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Police Carbine that works for everyone. Written by my friend Frank Stratton, illustrated with my photos.

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CMR30 in use

And between uses (with Vortex Spitfire 3x prismatic scope) Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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Red Lion Precision rotating rail

With Keltec Sub200o, you can either mount optics OR fold the rifle. Red Lion Precision rail allows both — loosen the collar, turn the forend 90 degrees left or right, re-lock. To deploy, reverse the process. It keeps zero. RLP … Continue reading

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Guns on the rocks

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Not an Operator.

My friend isn’t Army, Marines or special operations ninja. Instead of a short-barreled MP5, a Sub2000 has to suffice. It works. Keltec weapon light on a rail forend, 50 round drum that actually functions, red dot sight, extended charging handle, … Continue reading

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Bigger is more American

1963 Plymouth Valiant was considered a compact in its time, despite the 3.7L 6-cylinder engine. Similarly, BAZ45 is a compact gas-operated pistol-caliber carbine despite the nice, fat 45ACP caliber. Feeding off slightly modified M3 Grease Gun magazines, it has the … Continue reading

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Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm carbine

Gertrude first appeared in my photos almost twelve years ago. Storm 9mm carbine has little recoil and is easy to configure for left or right hand ejection. One of my friends has an article about it coming up, I will … Continue reading

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Updating the light rifle

One of my colleagues stopped by. She didn’t bring any of her own rifles, but we borrowed a couple from a mutual friend. Start with a standard light-barreled Colt 16″ AR carbine. Add a Trijicon RMR on a see-through mount. … Continue reading

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Why a CZ527 carbine

The original 7.62×39 M43 round was made for the SKS and later AK47 rifles. Since I have a vz58 compact rifle also chambered for it, why would I want a slower bolt action carbine? For one, it’s a work of … Continue reading

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Windham Weaponry 16″ carbine

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Effective range of a 9×19 carbine.

This is Sarah. She is 15 and left-handed, so a light 9mm carbine with left-hand ejection is a reasonable long gun for her. The carbine is topped with a 3x scope zeroed at 50 yards. With this being the reticle, … Continue reading

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Sufficiently large quantity has a quality of its own

Targets at the Bullpup Shoot were steel clangers. Easy for a .223 with a 4x optic, much harder for a 5.7×28 with a 6MOA CQB red dot. The gentleman with a PS90 had a hard time hitting the targets because … Continue reading

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Light your target before lighting it up.

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SU16 available in 300Blackout chambering.

300Blackout is very attractive for short range (which is where 99 point something percent of defensive uses happen). It throws twice the lead of the .223Rem at reasonable velocity (ballistics approximate 7.62×39 but bullet selection is better). While subsonics are … Continue reading

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Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

This is one of the few semi-auto arms I like as much as the select-fire original. It’s longer barrel (16″ vs. 10″) gives it a longer sight radius, and the two-flip aperture is more familiar than the quaint diffusion disk … Continue reading

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The best 1927 Thompson movie scene

Miller’s Crossing has one of the best choreographed Thompson submachine gun scenes. I just have still photos of the 1927-A1 semi-auto carbine with a 100-round “pizza platter” drum. “Flash mob coming, you say? I should have enough for everybody.”

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Seen at Coal Creek: CAR15 camo job

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More fun than practical.

That’s about high heels. The carbine itself is fairly practical, especially with a red dot installed. Fire can be commenced once eye and ear protection are added.

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