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Who’s close to Madisonville, KY?

A very close friend is moving to Madisonville for a new job. She is looking for an apartment or a house for rent and finding little that’s at all nice. Does anyone have suggestions, connections or even rental options that … Continue reading

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Home invader repellent.

If courts don’t stop no-knock home invasions, bullets and other means would have to. Given the extreme danger posed to lawful people by violent police invasions, it’s no wonder many households have moved from shotguns to rifles for defense. The … Continue reading

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Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

This is one of the few semi-auto arms I like as much as the select-fire original. It’s longer barrel (16″ vs. 10″) gives it a longer sight radius, and the two-flip aperture is more familiar than the quaint diffusion disk … Continue reading

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“Home Defense” isn’t about homes.

Back cover for the new on-line Home Defense magazine. It’s another project of Delta Media, along with the United States Concealed Carry Association. Rifles shown: (left) left-hand Rock River AR15 with X5L light/laser and DSA FAL with a heavy barrel. … Continue reading

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