Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

This is one of the few semi-auto arms I like as much as the select-fire original. It’s longer barrel (16″ vs. 10″) gives it a longer sight radius, and the two-flip aperture is more familiar than the quaint diffusion disk sight of the original. Close-bolt firing means rather better accuracy: at 25 yards, the entire 34rd magazine goes into one 2″ hole. The folding stock is among the most solid of any carbine. Central balances allows easy one-hand control. Magazines are reliable and easy to load.The only down side is the all-metal construction can get hot or cold, depending on your climate. A para cord or an inner tube wrap solves that concern.

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3 Responses to Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

  1. Mike says:

    I am sure envious of your toys and models!

  2. Old NFO says:

    WELL played! :-)exw

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