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Orlando Dec.7-8

I will be in Florida next weekend. If you are nearby and want to connect, drop me an email.

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Co-witnessing sights for AK47 and AK74

AK74 clone with TWS railed cover and co-witnessed Aimpoint and iron sights. Either v-notch (shown) or aperture sights from TWS co-witness perfectly with the low-mounted Aimpoint. Magpul CTR stock and AFG.

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Just hanging out

AK74 clone (Tantal) in 5.45×39, with Aimpoint on a TWS railed cover, Magpul stock.

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How to break plumbing glue?

I am repairing a toilet tank for a friend. Got the replacement parts, but the entire flapper seal assembly seems glued in place. Prying it with a flathead screwdriver didn’t work. Any suggestions on how the glue could be broken … Continue reading

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Verifying lens calibration

I’d like to verify AF calibration of my lenses with my primary camera body? What’s the nearest place to Nashville where I could get that done? I tried doing it myself but the results were inconclusive.

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Connections at camera companies wanted.

In particular, Fuji and Panasonic, though others would be of interest also. I’d like to T&E some of their gear and write it up, but lack the connections to the right people.

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Models wanted for Wednesday afternoon in Salt Lake City

I will be doing photos for friend’s brand (Crusader Weaponry), looking for 2-3 people with some firearm proficiency. Basic safety familiarity would be enough, I can coach the rest if needed. The shoot would last about three hours.

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Busy, busy…in America and in Russia.

While I have been scrambling, camera in hand, through rocky hills of Austin, TX with my friends from TWS, quite a few of my photos got circulated in Russia at the second RKBA convention.  Many will see yourselves on the … Continue reading

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More of an actual classic

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More plan changes for the Austin trip

The get-together will be on Wednesday 20th at 8pm at Iron Cactus (I am guessing the North location, will double-check). Flying into Austin on Tuesday, leaving on Friday.

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“Classic” 1911

Everyone kept telling me to get a Mac, so I did.

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Smaller caliber and less magazine capacity? Not likely!

My new toy. Flush magazines hold 12 rounds of 45ACP, extended hold 14. This pistol is tighter than any custom 1911 I’ve handled.

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1891/30 Mosin rifle

For some reason, this photo brings the images of Spanish civil war to mind. This rifle is a 122 year old design, updated in a minor way 84 years ago. This weapon and other arms like it still scare the … Continue reading

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Computer problems solved decisively.

Turned out that the motherboard was defective from the start. A much better one and a new processor are now in place. I have very good friends who helped a great deal in this predicament.

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Updated Mosin

K31-style loop safety, Archangel stock, Micor flash hider. K31 safety is fairly awkward, but it’s a huge improvement on the original Mosin design. Turned-down bolt handle permits a low scope mount.

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Windham Weaponry 16″ carbine

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Girls with guns

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The right to self-defense in New York City?

The endgame of oppression is usually somewhere between the psychotic mass murders of the Nazi Germany or Pol Pot’s Cambodia and the more pragmatic feudalism we see now in Russia and New York City. The retiring Mayor Blomberg — famous … Continue reading

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Visual odds and ends

338 Spectre 250gr soft point and 300gr match ammo. The original STG44-22 imported by ATI. They are now bringing in an improved version with more metal and less plastic in it.

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More from the archives

AAC flash hider and QD suppressor (M4-2000) Preparing to launch a 37mm smoke. The rifle is a Mossberg MMR with 4x Trijicon ACOG scope and a Primary Arms micro dot. Smith & Wesson M&P in 300BLK with Dueck Defense sights … Continue reading

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