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Day by Day Cartoon features Amie’s “Gods Defense”

Day by Day Cartoon | Amie’s books (By the way, I can’t post to Facebook till Monday, so feel free to link this for me there.)

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OD Green Kel-Tec PMR30

A year or more ago, one of my friends lend me a brand new PMR30 for use in photos. I thought I knew who it was, but the person I asked declined any knowledge of it. I am done with … Continue reading

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An excellent new web-connected gun store

My friend Dennis Badurina, of Dragon Leatherworks fame, has just updated his store to make on-line sales. The site updates itself every 15 minutes, and is as close to live-time as they can get in inventory levels and availability. They also have an … Continue reading

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Boise get-together, Saturday 11th

Meet old friends and make new acquaintances this Saturday at Rembrandt’s coffee house in Eagle, ID. The get-together begins at 10am and will likely go until 1pm or so.

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Guns for the handicapped: amplifying a fundraising appeal

BayouRenaissanceMan talks about the challenges of finding affordable defensive arms for his disabled trainees. If you are able and willing to help out, I think this is a project worthy of support.

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Computer problems solved decisively.

Turned out that the motherboard was defective from the start. A much better one and a new processor are now in place. I have very good friends who helped a great deal in this predicament.

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People in love

From a recent wedding.

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Capable authors are doing well

Peter Grant’s science fiction books (with my covers) are doing very well on Amazon. If you have not read them yet, this is a good time to order.

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Range time in the Spring

Another great day at the range. Went to see the next update of Leader 50 and to socialize with friends. Finally tried my Mossberg 144 at 100 yards and was able to hit a pop can every time. Rimfire match … Continue reading

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The zombie-maker

Tirzah and her pet zombies.

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Joel Rosenberg died.

Joel died yesterday. I will miss him. His wife and kids could use our support. News agencies and blogs are expressly permitted to use this photograph of Joel Rosenberg. A byline (©Oleg Volk) would be appreciated.

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I am now spoiled for all other sushi!

I just returned from a four-day handgun course at Front Sight in Nevada. The review of the course and the equipment used in it is coming soon. For now, I’d like to talk about food. The Fat Greek was superb, … Continue reading

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