An excellent new web-connected gun store

My friend Dennis Badurina, of Dragon Leatherworks fame, has just updated his store to make on-line sales. The site updates itself every 15 minutes, and is as close to live-time as they can get in inventory levels and availability. They also have an e-mail notification system where folks can get a system message the instant that something comes back in stock and is available


Everything from the distributor ships free, fully insured. And they don’t tack on an extra 3% credit card fee for purchases (this seems to be something that the bargain-basement places do to try to turn a profit because they are selling, literally, at three to five dollars above wholesale cost.)

Of course, Dennis still makes custom holsters and leather goods, both for consumers and for various television shows. His wife Rebecca (above), also helps with the store. Her holster is shown below — unlike cobbler’s kids, Dennis’ family doesn’t go without quality leather!


Dennis moved from the People’s Satrapy of New York to Tennessee several years ago. He’s a good friend and an admired artisan. I highly recommend his store.

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6 Responses to An excellent new web-connected gun store

  1. Keith says:

    Nice work !!! Thanks for sharing this Oleg, the more good companys that we know about the better.

    Thank You !!

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  3. Skip says:

    I have four of his holsters. Excellent!

    • MAJMike says:

      I, too, have his holsters for all of my pistols. Best fitting and most comfortable holsters I’ve ever encountered.

  4. RL says:

    Testify! When the G17 goes out, it goes out in a Dragon Leatherworks Viper holster.

  5. Stretch says:

    He made a heavy duty holster for my N-framed S&W 625.
    A heavy revolver but carried with ease in Dennis’ handiwork.
    Quality always tells.

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