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Moriah Combs shoots Origin 12

Full power slugs fired from this shotgun feel much like shooting an AK47. Low recoil and rifle-like manual of arms make it my top choice among shoothbores. Moriah Combs runs it like a pro. Today, about 1400 Brenneke slugs arrived, … Continue reading

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The dirty air of yesteryear

It’s hard to make photographic masterpieces like those of Fan Ho. Besides the amazing eye he had for composition and light, three technical factors gave his images the characteristic glow. Two of them, the imperfect lens coatings and orthochromatic film, are … Continue reading

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Jard J67 bullpup: new on American Shooting Journal

A very unusual and effective 9mm carbine.

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Waiting patiently

Czech vz24 Mauser, 8mm.

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Get a signed print of your choice

If you are able to help my friend Dawn, I will reward you with a signed print of your choice from my gallery site. Any donation of $50 and up gets you a signed print (in the US, I’d have … Continue reading

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A dear friend needs help!

I want to introduce my friend Dawn Faust Bibby. She and her husband of John have been my close friends and staunch supporters since 2013. We met when John replied to a request for models during my work at Kel-Tec in Florida. Since then … Continue reading

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Open Office loses a file?

I wrote a review article about six months ago. I had it open this week for updating. Apparently, Open Office Writer crashed and the article somehow disappeared. “Recent Documents” list doesn’t contain it. I looked for it on my two … Continue reading

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Reader roll call: anyone from Estonia?

A friend is considering moving there, I’d like to connect him to knowledgeable people.

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Just figured out a new way to light people

Just two lights without reflectors set at 180 degrees to each other, and almost no post-processing is required. Kel-Tec RDB-C in 6.5 Grendel, Meopta 6-24x scope, ESS goggles.

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Holster for Glock 30SF

  James Nelson made this for one of my friends. It’s quite comfortable.

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“Civilize them with a Krag”: new on AllOutdoor

Can 120 year old designs suffice for modern riot control?

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Canon 5DS R and 70-200/2.8 lens fixed

Turns out both were broken. $310 later, they are working again. Test image: Magazine dump with Remington ACR and AAC M4-2000 suppressor.  

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Grace turns 16 today

One of my favorite models on her birthday. M37 trench gun is for particularly recalcitrant clays.

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Curley Effect

A formal research paper about Curley Effect supports my theory that gun control and many other laws are all about harassing the electoral opposition.

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Hot weather, cool range

Now that Nashville is hot and humid every day, I am spending more of my time at Nashville Armory range. Good ventilation, AC and rifle rated backstops. And their staff is all firearms enthusiasts.

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Startled cowgirl

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New models

Aaron, who modeled for my photos back in 2010, is back. And he brought friends along. We had a good photo shoot. More images coming as I get them edited.

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Single shot rifles and lying liars who lie.

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Business advisory

I have terminated my professional relationship with Rob Carson of Beck Defense.

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That’s crazy talk!

Blaming the sane and the law-abiding for crimes of the crazy and the criminal is a pretty good indication of a mental disorder. Should such people even be holding public offices?

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