A dear friend needs help!

One of the most loving, supportive couples I know.

I want to introduce my friend Dawn Faust Bibby. She and her husband of John have been my close friends and staunch supporters since 2013. We met when John replied to a request for models during my work at Kel-Tec in Florida. Since then Dawn and John have been my models, talent scouts, advisers, hosts and most wonderful company. They have hosted photoshoots in their homes for people they didn’t know, except through me. Dawn even cleaned and organized my home in Nashville one weekend, while John and I went to Kentucky for a photo shoot!

Dawn is a survivor. This photo was taken a day or two after surgery to remove brain tumors.

Now, Dawn and John are among my closest friends. They have consistently helped me, often knowing what assistance or a resource was needed before I knew it. I reciprocate, but this time their situation is beyond my resources.

Dawn just has had a major recurrence of her breast cancer. John went above and beyond with research and support, making Dawn’s survival possible. Her insurance company has twice refused to pay for a surgery she needs to survive. They think she’s already dead. That’s the same pronouncement two specialists made two years ago, when she had brain tumors. The third one muttered something uncomplimentary about incompetents with expensive diagnostic equipment, then removed the tumors with almost no side effects.

Dawn can beat this cancer with radiological surgery. The problem is, she must now pay cash. She and John have raised $22,500 in ten days, but that’s only 10% of what they need. I contributed, but my savings can’t stretch far enough to make a significant dent in the problem. Please help them for me!

Dawn has a GoFundMe page. If you can, please donate. Even a modest contribution will help — Dawn will know how many people care and that will cheer her up. If you can give more, please do.

Please help me amplify this appeal. Re-posting and letting more people know about her situation will help almost as much as making a donation. This world will be diminished if Dawn dies ahead of her time, and for such a correctable reason as the lack of funds for timely medical aid.

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6 Responses to A dear friend needs help!

  1. Precision 270 says:

    Thank you Oleg. Throwing your weight into this will give us a needed psychological and financial boost. We are proud to be your friends and happy to help you when you are in town, you are such a considerate guest it is easy. Not to mention we always end up with great pictures.

  2. raven says:

    Donation on the way.
    The US Medical monopolies are viciously expensive- Any chance of exploring treatment in another country, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, etc? I have heard costs are an order of magnitude less, with cash.

  3. Rocky Crites says:

    Get the book: The Gerson Therapy, by Charlotte Gerson. Also check this out: https://gerson.org/gerpress/gerson-clinic-mexico

    Also “Healing Cancer from the Inside Out” by Mike Anderson. Book with DVD.

    I got both books from Amazon in kindle and hard copy.

    Now off the the fund me page.

  4. Mike Santee says:

    Donation made. Info reposted. Prayers on the way!!

  5. Gene Els says:

    Your friend will have to accept the cancer.
    No amount of money will cure it – therefor US insurance companies react the way they do, I guess.

    Life is terminal. Cancer speeds up the due date.

    On April 16, 2016 I lost a friend to cancer, and have seen Hope reaching for all manner of cures and miracle potions.

    Invest all time and funds in providing comfort and companionship with those afflicted with cancer. That was all I could do.

    This is not a positve comment, delete at your leisure.

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