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Flower (1920x1080px wallpaper)

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My cat’s self-image.

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New book by Amie: Psychic Spiral (of Death)

For the fans of Amie’s “The SDF Paranormal Mysteries” series can now enjoy book 5, Psychic Spiral (of Death). It’s a cozy mystery book with bits of ethical and political commentary thrown in. Amie’s wordcraft keeps improving so, if you … Continue reading

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“All men are created equal”

Equality of opportunity is likewise a fiction. If all are offered math instruction and only some succeed at first, then all kinds of science classes are beyond the grasp of the laggards. The same is true with artistic and communication … Continue reading

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One and a half seconds

Pistol deployment isn’t rocket science. It can be learned quicker than any other kind of  martial art. Carrying a handgun is no harder than carrying a cell phone — pistols are usually slightly heavier but also less fragile. People who … Continue reading

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