“All men are created equal”

Watching rather diverse outcomes between even identical twins, much less non-identical siblings, suggests that the genetic component is a rather strong contributor. While equality before the law is essential, any expectations of equal achievement are bound to be frustrated. Further, even defining “equal achievement” is impossible: is a welder better or worse off than a bus driver or a music teacher? Is a person raising one well adjusted kid better off than another raising three less well adjusted kids? Are two identical twins in identical jobs and relationships truly equal if one of them is happy and the other isn’t? And, should perfect equality of outcome become possible, how would such a heterogeneous population survive any changes in the environment?

Equality of opportunity is likewise a fiction. If all are offered math instruction and only some succeed at first, then all kinds of science classes are beyond the grasp of the laggards. The same is true with artistic and communication ability: further opportunities are neither tenable nor hold much interest for the unequipped. Remedial courses are an option, but they take from the finite time available for learning skills of greater interest.  Lastly, nobody should be obligated to teach a student whose fondest dream is harming the teacher  or the other students rather than absorbing the lessons.

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  1. Panda says:

    Yep. Despite my other skills, languages remain hard and music near impossible for me. Yet my family is mostly trilingual and everyone is on the high side of musical talent. Those genes missed me.

    Last time I tried music, I was doing 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. I never got as good as the pup who played guitar a half hour every night and I still can’t hear the differences in certain notes. Equality is a legal concept. We are equal under the law, and like most law related things, its a polite fiction

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