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Report on PPU 270Win 130gr load

My deerslaying friend Don wrote: Finally, got around to trying the .270W PPU cartridges you gave me awhile back. They shot as good as my custom loads. I was able to group an inch @ 100 yds. I can recommend them. … Continue reading

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Halloween comes early.

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Bullpup SKS

A very clever and ergonomic adaptation seen at the Bullpup Conference. The stock was made by Shernic Gun Works, and the resulting contraption worked reliably with 20-round Tapco AK magazines. With the 2x pistol scope, it was quite accurate out … Continue reading

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My P1914 is back from restoration

I got this rifle back around 2000 for $60. It has very little wood left and kicked most viciously on firing. It was, however, quite accurate. I had a “speedlock” kits installed in it, which made it cock on opening … Continue reading

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Tavor musings

I have a left-hand bolt for my Tavor but had no idea how to install it. At this weekend’s Bullpup Convention at Rockcastle Shooting Center, Casey Flack from IWI had an armorer’s class on doing the conversion. It takes basic tools, … Continue reading

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The Missing Measurement in Gun Specification: new on AllOutdoor

Finding the center of balance.

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Random bullpuppery

Flashhider with QD mount for a Yankee Hill can, Forend housing a Surefire light, and a custom 300Blackout barrel made by Paul Reaavis of Gearhead Works. Looks useful to me. Steyr AUG in 9mm, with an Aimpoint on Gearhead Works’ rail … Continue reading

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Short and long range Israeli martial arts

Tavor for the long range. Krav Maga for the short. I suppose the Glock would be for the medium, or when long guns would be inexpedient in confined spaces. Neat Kydex by Raven Concealment.

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Tristar Viper G2 left-hand shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

Tristar Viper G2 left-hand shotgun.

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Movie review: The Hundred-Foot Journey Acting: 9 Light and SFX: 7 (pretty but overdone) Plot: 9 (not very predictable and full of cute details) Camera work: 9 Overall: 9+ Great date movie, and just interesting in general. Immigrants, in particular, would find certain moments … Continue reading

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Camouflage coat matches the floor.  

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My photos in Western Shooting Journal

The article is about the inimitable Alexandria Kincaid of 3G Law.

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Extremely odd camera/card failure. Need advice.

Took about 30 photos with Canon 5D2 tonight, put the 16GB Sandisk Ultra card in the reader and it didn’t auto-mount. Removed it, it mounted as empty volume. Put it in the camera, it came up empty. Put it back … Continue reading

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Neither predator nor prey.

The problem with many anti-gun people is their inability to envision themselves as something other than those two roles. In countries where positive illustrations are unavailable due to restrictive laws, it’s hard to show by example. In the US, it … Continue reading

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Random people encountered at the range

6.8mm LWRC upper on an HK416 lower, .308 Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Aimpoint sight. And another entirely random person… Tactical beard, strategic smile. 5.56mm Bushmaster, Aimpoint, Gemtech Trek suppressor. I am starting to see a pattern with the sight and can … Continue reading

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1920px wallpaper

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Portraits of friends

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New on AllOutdoor: Gemtech GM22 Suppressor

Maintenance-friendly design with asymmetric baffle stack.

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Improving AK sights

Norden Performance 1-6x scope on an AK with TWS rail and forend.

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Smile with teeth.

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