Bullpup SKS

A very clever and ergonomic adaptation seen at the Bullpup Conference. The stock was made by Shernic Gun Works, and the resulting contraption worked reliably with 20-round Tapco AK magazines. With the 2x pistol scope, it was quite accurate out to 200 yards. The owner plans on putting a 4x scope with a larger objective on next to improve the ability to see distant targets.

The bullpup is much shorter than the original rifle, a good deal lighter and better balanced. In my opinion, it lacks only a flash hider to be a viable fighting tool. I would have also preferred a red dot to the scope. Unlike the original, this one allows inserting magazine with the bolt closed.



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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Huh – that IS interesting. I’ve never thought of the SKS as a canidate for a bullpup conversion. Thank you for posting that.

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  3. Frank Martin says:

    Darn Commies.. making a gun that be converted to a bullpup.. but leave us Left Handers sucking hind tit…

  4. Geodkyt says:

    Looks like he chopped the barrel back to about 16″ as well. . .

  5. DJ Miller says:

    The barrel was cut just behind the front sight/bayonet lug and now measures 17 3/4 in. With a Limbsaver Low Profile butt pad the over all length is 28″. I re-crowned it by hand using a standard M-1 crowning tool.

    Near as I can tell the rifle is a Sino-Soviet made around 1958 in China. It has the milled receiver and most of the serial numbers matched. I got it from Classic Firearms still packed in cosmolene for about $270.

    The only mods to the Shernic kit were the addition of the butt pad and an upgraded receiver cover. Mods to the SKS rifle included:

    Trigger work
    Drop free bolt mod
    Added the duckbill less mag adapter ( http://www.thesksmagadapter.com )
    Cut and crowned the barrel

    -The Owner-

  6. Jennifer says:

    Why is it a thing on bullpups to use a guard that covers the whole grip instead of just the trigger? Is it purely fashion, following the old AUG? Or does it actually have a functional purpose?

    • DJ Miller says:

      It’s functional. If you tuck your left elbow in against your ribs, your left hand naturally falls where that guard/foregrip is and makes for a very stable hold.

  7. SDL Weaponry says:

    Nice job on your review. These kits can be purchased new from a distributor in North Carolina for less than $250 delivered. Search Armslist for SKS Bullpup.

  8. what guns says:

    Lipstick on a pig.

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