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How to get around censored wifi at Best Western hotel?

These retards are running some sort of “webnanny” and blocking sites I need. Any suggestions how to get around this? I will complain to the management in the morning, but I doubt it would help much. Could change hotels, I … Continue reading

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New on Alloutdoor: Pepper Blasters

Kimber Pepper Blasters, pyrotechnic spice projectors.

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Who borrowed range gear from me in the last couple of years?

In the last two years, I lend a few things out that have not come back. Specifically, two sets of active hearing protection (Peltor Pro and some other, cheaper set), and a “top-break revolver” Crosman .177 air gun. I don’t … Continue reading

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Computer update: TWO bad power switches.

Fortunately, a competent friend figured it out and fixed the box by cannibalizing parts from my old case.

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Urgent advice needed! Desktop computer won’t turn on this morning.

It had worked fine for several months, now won’t even turn on. Indicator light on the external card reader was on until I flipped the power switch on the back off-on, and now that’s off also. Not sure if there’s … Continue reading

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Hot lead is better than cold steel.

Learn to sling it effectively. Appleseed Cameo appearance by Tech Sights.

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Another Opmod prop: a rifle bag

Opmod rifle case comes in three lengths, from 33 inches to 43 inches (shown). It’s a basic design, pretty sturdy and decently padded to protect the rifle. Not visible in the photo is a wide shoulder strap.

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Opmod knife

Opmod Browning knife.

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Spindrift knife from Skallywag Tactical

Skallywag Tactical

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South Carolina update: Charleston and Savannah in early March

My trip plans have become more concrete: flying into Charleston to meet with my parents, staying three days, then going to Savannah for three more days. Looking for suggestions on interesting places to visit in both cities, also any picturesque … Continue reading

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A couple of old images

Rainy day.

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25th anniversary of getting out of the USSR

Today marks 25 years since my parents got my out of there and on the way to America. I am very thankful to them for the nearly two decades of personal risk and hard work it took to get out … Continue reading

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Two signs of well-involved parents

Personal firearms (and training in their use), and braces. Both give kids a cause for smiling. Remington 870 Youth 20ga in pink camo. Around here, it actually fits pretty well with faded yellowish grass.

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Savage 110 in 6.5 Creedmoor in a McRees stock. Appleseed.

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Software to aid with making hatched illustrations?

Does anyone know of software that can semi-automate the process of making hatched drawings from photographs?

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One way to handle switchable barrels.

This 455Lux rifle is in 22WMR. It also accepts a 22LR barrel — with its own sights — and appropriate magazines. Plink with cheaper ammo, bust tree rats with faster 22 Magnum. Don’t have to re-zero.

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Home alone? Not quite.

The pistol is a classic CZ75B.

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Ithaca scattergun

Ithaca 37 is an unusual design because both John Browning and John Pedersen, normally competitors, contributed to its design. It both feeds and ejects from the bottom, making it friendly to right and left handed shooters. An older home defense … Continue reading

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Who lives where?

Do any of my readers live in South Carolina? I may be traveling in that direction in early March. How about central Pennsylvania, late February?

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New Viridian laser for Kahr CW45 is coming

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