South Carolina update: Charleston and Savannah in early March

My trip plans have become more concrete: flying into Charleston to meet with my parents, staying three days, then going to Savannah for three more days.

Looking for suggestions on interesting places to visit in both cities, also any picturesque shore lines or forests.

Also looking for suggestions on lodging. My parents much prefer household-type/less formal accommodations to hotels.

I will be visiting American Tactical Imports in Summerville, but other leads for interesting projects would be welcome. I know that PTR, Ithaca, Jarrett Rifles and FN are in that state, but I do not have much of a connection to any of them yet.

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  1. Randy Sanders says:

    You might try the Glock factory in Smyrna Ga.

  2. Pegmonkey says:

    My family is from Charleston SC. I always like visiting the Yorktown.. I go every time I’m there. It’s more commercialized than it used to be, but still interesting.

    Ft Moultrie is also good.

    The battery or the city market is also good with many upscale restaurants and accomodations now..

    If you’re looking for more adventure, renting a boat and cruising the intracoastal waterways is fun… but can be dangerous. Don’t go near any floats and avoid other boaters.. 🙂

    Great.. now I need to plan another visit.. 😀

  3. Dave says:

    Near Savannah are Fort Jackson and Fort Pulaski. Both worth the visit. Fort Jackson does a cannon-firing demonstration in the summer and Pulaski does a musket firing demo by a park ranger in full Confederate uniform. If you can only see one, see Pulaski.

  4. Dave says:

    Also, the waterfront area might be a good location for period photography.

  5. Roland says:

    Fort Sumter is the most obvious place to visit in the Charleston area.
    Since you will also be in the Summerville area, consider visiting Fort Dorchester. Less of a tourist attraction than Fort Sumter but equally interesting. It predates the American Revolution and is a good example of a construction method using a material called “tabby”, a type of concrete made with oyster shells.

  6. Steve T. says:

    Considering you will be in the Savannah are, my wife and I honeymooned in the city and stayed at the Tybee Island Inn which is a very pretty little B&B. It was approximately 2 blocks from the earthwork fortifications on the beach. Fort Pulaski was on the causeway back towards Savannah, GA. expect a 20-30 minute drive to downtown Savannah and old town etc in traffic. but the slower pace of Tybee makes for great scenery.

  7. Terry says:

    I enjoyed my visit here:
    Beautiful gardens and lots of history.

  8. Spike says:

    I’m local to savannah, and there are a number of old civil war forts in the area, some city squares, the beach and a number of other photographic locations.

    I’ll see if i can put together a list of must-see things.

  9. Patrick says:

    The FN manufacturing facility is in Columbia, SC. I live in Columbia and have been there a couple of times and it is awesome. I have contact info if you would like a tour.

  10. @tahDeetz says:


    Check out The Citadel, especially if you can make it for a Friday parade review. The cannon salute is free of charge. 😉 It’s hilarious to watch the people in the audience not expecting ordnance on such a beautiful day. Here’s the schedule. I’d recommend getting there early to get a decent spot.

    There is Rainbow Row on East Bay street which is a short walk from The Market. The Battery is also somewhat close. Downtown Chuck-town is shutterbug crack.

    Downtown is also a fun place to bike.

    Charleston is also known for amazing sunsets. Iirc, there is a parking garage at the end of Market Street, across E Bay. I’d maybe ask around for a parking garage with a good top-floor view. It’s been awhile since I’ve been back.

    Don’t forget bug spray. I repeat, don’t forget bug spray. Sand fleas. Fwiw, ‘Skin So Soft’ is what worked well when I was there.

    tD el Cid ’91

  11. Bob Johnson says:

    Here are links to a scenic barrier island and a picturesque forest, with live oaks, Spanish Moss, and ruins of an eighteenth century chapel.

    Bull Island:
    Bull Island is a pristine barrier island.

    St. Helena Chapel of Ease:

    The chapel is inland from Beaufort (before you get to Savannah, off of I-95), and is surrounded by live oaks. It is located closer to I-95 than to Beaufort, SC.

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