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Editing old photos

Every so often, I look through old images and find something worth editing. This photo from last year was one such picture. Sometimes, people from my past reach out and that prompts me to review the archives, finding something editable … Continue reading

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Очень интересная книга Научно-политическая фантастика.

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Half-Pint Sharps .44-40 Win: new on American Hunter

Speaking of time travelers…a special guest from the 19th century is here.

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How safe is your area? New on AllOutdoor.

A simple visual indicator of crime levels.

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RDB-S Review: new on Shooting Illustrated

Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival Carbine

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Two WW2 commemoratives just made for each other.

Winchester WW2 series | Inland Mfg. M1911A1

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Casting couch for an action movie?

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Testing Kydex holsters for comfort: new on AllOutdoors

The only way to find out if something works…is to try it out.

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Catching up on last year’s photos

I met Angel by chance late 2015, and we did the first photo shoot Spring of 2016. Fast-forwarding to October 2017…she made pretty good progress with weaponcraft.

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