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“Sic semper tyrannis!”

  This little submachine gun should, by rights, we as famous as Booth’s derringer. After all, its owner accounted for Mussolini.

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The crowd-sourced FAL.

Various parts of this rifle came from Coonan, ┬áDSA, Magpul and Galt’s Guns (who also did the awesome camo job). It runs great. The camo is very effective to the eye because our vision doesn’t have the selective focus of … Continue reading

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Rich girl

By today’s measures, a brick of .22 is almost as enviable as a belt full of .600 Nitro Express a decade ago… Photo from last week’s range day here in Tennessee. The pistol is Bersa Thunder .22 — pretty good … Continue reading

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Yugo SKS

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Sig 553 and ACOG in Swiss use


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Savage B.Mag 17WSM: new at AllOutdoor

Great product, unfortunate timing.

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Recent presents

S&W317 “kit gun” with a 3″ barrel has long been an object of desire for me, for all kinds of subjective reasons. I could never quite justify buying one for myself. A week ago, good friends gave me theirs as … Continue reading

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The difference an optic makes.

I like shooting at clays with .22 rifles. Watching them break when hit is fun — and being able to shoot out the center cleanly without breaking the rim is more so. But with open sights it’s only easy up … Continue reading

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Tips for Easing in New Shooters: new on AllOutdoor

Technical solution to challenges in safety and marksmanship training.

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Photographer at work (NSFW)

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Knoxville snapshots

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Old photos of Bullseye Brookie

These are from 2011, when Brookie was 13. Bottom rifle is her own custom built 6.8mm, the top is a custom 5.56mm Doublestar.  

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What kind of bird was this?

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Know your weapon’s trajectory: new on AllOutdoor

Use the reticle for range compensation and more accurate shooting. I think this is one of my most informative articles.

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Less expensive shooting practice

Range time consists of three major expenses: range fees, travel time and ammunition. I shoot on friends’ farms, so the fees aren’t an issue. Ammunition, that I have. I’ve been a packrat a long time, and I no longer do … Continue reading

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Marlin 795 LTR: new on AllOutdoor

Appleseed special: Liberty Training Rifle.

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Holsters for unusual combinations of lights and sidearms

Quick, who makes mass-produced holsters for Bersa BP9CC and Viridian C5L combination? The sheet number of possible permutations of lights, lasers and pistols is so great, that custom makers like Leatherneck Tactical have a niche market. Designed by an active … Continue reading

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Pistol bayonet revived

Pistol bayonets date back to at least the 17th century and as recently as WW1. Useful or silly, they make great gag gift and definitely turn heads at the range.   And, of course, the zombie edition.  

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6.5 Swedish already has a reputation for good accuracy

So I am curious, just how much more accurate would match loads in that caliber be? Would the limit of accuracy be dictated by the open sights? I am also curious why match ammo is lighter than the standard ball … Continue reading

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Wood grips for Czechpoint/Alfa Proj revolvers

Czechpoint revolvers come with functional but basic rubber grips. Some people prefer wood, and it turned out that they are available but not yet listed on the new version of Czechpoint USA web site. Here’s a preview of what you … Continue reading

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