Holsters for unusual combinations of lights and sidearms

Quick, who makes mass-produced holsters for Bersa BP9CC and Viridian C5L combination? The sheet number of possible permutations of lights, lasers and pistols is so great, that custom makers like Leatherneck Tactical have a niche market.

Designed by an active service Marine Corps veteran, these holsters emphasize sturdiness and speed of access.

Examples shown here are the maker’s own carry pistols.

FNS40 is a large pistol, but it felt comfortable in this IWB holster.

LNT also make knife sheaths.

I like the quality and the designs that Jeff creates.



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7 Responses to Holsters for unusual combinations of lights and sidearms

  1. Robb Harbaugh says:

    I’m pretty sure no hammer on the FN means it’s one of the FNS series pistols. That also means that it’s not a .45. I was ready to order one of these holsters for my FNP-45 and then noticed the pistol didn’t look quite like mine. Rats!

  2. Justin says:

    I’m pretty sure he has done a FNP before just check with him he is getting new blue guns and real guns himself all the time.

  3. LarryArnold says:

    But does he have a holster for the aforementioned Glock 17 + bayonet?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I am sure that he can make one. Me, I’d try to market it to gangbangers for holsterless carry in the pants.

      • JBFunk says:

        That’s a cringe-worthy picture. I can see the headlines. “New street gang status symbol cuts short police foot chase as gang member stabs self in balls with pistol bayonet!”

  4. DocHolladay says:

    Jeff can and will make a holster for any pistol, mag or knife you have. Several of my friends and I use his holsters daily. Can’t beat the maker or the product!!

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