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Capoeira at Peabody campus

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Various recent photos


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Bigger is more American

Similarly, BAZ45 is a compact gas-operated pistol-caliber carbine despite the nice, fat 45ACP caliber. Feeding off slightly modified M3 Grease Gun magazines, it has the distinction of roughly .22LR level of recoil despite launching more than five times as much … Continue reading

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Various birds

Blue Heron? Seen from afar.    

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Yugoslav M48 Mauser

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Walther PK380: new on AllOutdoor

A low-recoil self-defense option.

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A child being seen but not heard

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Made with the finest child labor

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Beretta M9

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Adding value right before our eyes

Start with a thin wooden board or a piece of laminate.   Offer a choice of colors and patterns. This is what capitalism is all about: combining “surplus” capital with time and expertise to create excellent — and widely affordable … Continue reading

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A professional illustration of how cameras and lenses aren’t perfect I noticed the same about my own equipment, which is why I use live view focusing with 300/2.8 when practical.

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Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm carbine

Gertrude first appeared in my photos almost twelve years ago. Primary Arms makes a pretty good compact light for not much money.  

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Visiting with friends in Knoxville

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A call for photo props

I’d like to do photos with a few items that aren’t normally available to me: Scooters, similar to Vespa Pre-1970s cars Harps, grad pianos, other substantial musical instruments Ideally, these would be available in Nashville. I should be able to … Continue reading

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New on AllOutdoor: Factory military sporter rifles

Then and now.

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Catching up on editing photos from Switzerland

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The smallest dragoon

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New on AllOutdoor: Keltec PLR22 and Crickett pistols

Two rimfire pistols compared and contrasted.

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Black lace

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