A call for photo props

I’d like to do photos with a few items that aren’t normally available to me:

  • Scooters, similar to Vespa
  • Pre-1970s cars
  • Harps, grad pianos, other substantial musical instruments

Ideally, these would be available in Nashville. I should be able to come up with appropriate models and period outfits, though competent musicians and riders would certainly be welcome. The prop providers would get large prints of the resulting photos.

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12 Responses to A call for photo props

  1. Miguel says:

    “Harps, grad pianos, other substantial musical instruments”

    Try Belmont University School of Music. Unless they have fallen in hard times, they had the harp, a couple of grands, several other classic instruments and even a Pipe Organ (best rendition of Tocatta and Fugue I ever heard was played with it)

    If you have contacts with the Nashville Music Business, you should not have a problem.

    Don’t tell them I sent you. They may still remember me 🙂

  2. Dave Calhoun says:

    If by “pre-1970s cars” you’re including military vehicles, try over on http://www.g503.com. The site specializes in the Willys MB/Ford GPW, but many of the guys have other vehicles as well.

  3. David E says:

    Wish I could help – sounds like you’ve got some fun stuff planned!

  4. Jim says:

    Got a red ’69 Catalina with curb feelers, a Civil War era girls school, and a back yard that is gun friendly in Franklin. Come on down.

  5. Chris says:

    My MGB will be ready in a couple of weeks. The battery and clutch slave froze over the winter. My ’63 Fairlane is driveable but not the best condition. It would pass for exterior shots.

    My current home/neighborhood dates from the 50’s-60’s and is just down the street. You’re welcome to stop by for a visit.

  6. Fred says:

    For scooters in Nashville contact ScootNashville.com

    While I am not a member of that particular scooter club, we scooterists are usually a very friendly group of people. I am sure that some of their members would be delighted to help you out.

  7. LarryArnold says:

    If “substantial instruments” includes the large string, brass, and percussion instruments, presuming you are looking for not-shiny-bright-new stuff, a fellow choir member of mine recommends Nashville Used Music.

  8. ASUsax says:

    Extra props if you can find one of these:


    The only Vespa I would ever be seen riding. And I’d take it EVERYWHERE.

  9. Tiffany Lee says:

    I have two harps (big and small), but you’d have to come to Virginia…

  10. Chris West says:

    I’ve got a 63 Valiant in black that we just had restored. Exterior is pristine. Interior is red and in pretty good shape. Here in Nashville. Let me know if that would be helpful.

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