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My new pet

Considering his valiant stand against the cat, perhaps the crawfish should be named Leonidas. Considering that he won’t come when called anyway, naming him would be a wasted effort.

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Galt’s Gulch invaded?

What’s the accuracy content of this story about California land use disputes?

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Boberg XR9-S pistols finally shipping!

Arne is filling orders from the early (2008!) adopters.

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Anderson Mfg. M416

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Miniature panther

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New varminting rig

Coyotes are becoming a problem for a friend. To assist, we’ve put together a new rig for night varminting. Lightweight PMR30 pistol that uses the same ammunition and magazines as backup.

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Economist John Lott

Last week, I met John Lott for the first time in twelve years. I last saw him in  Minnesota back in 1999. His research and articulate writing have done much for the civil rights in the US.

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Striped scarf

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BAR and FN D (BAR with quick-change barrel)

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Solothurn MP35, rare 45ACP model

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Woe unto the varmints

Coming soon from Keltec: 30 rounds of 22WMR, great trigger and accuracy, almost no recoil. Charging handle doesn’t reciprocate. Stock will have intermediate positions. Muzzle threaded for a suppressor or a flash hider. Very lightweight.

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BAZ45 in newbie hands

This is one centerfire rifle I try to bring out when teaching newbies. This gas-operated 45ACP rifle feeds from “grease gun” magazines and has no more recoil than a 10-22. Bazooka Bros. | Primary Arms red dot | Midwest Industries … Continue reading

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Bullseye Brookie and her 6.8mm Mean Green

6.8mm “Mean Green” with 4×32 ACOG is a nicely built rifle. It is comfortable to handle, has backup MI iron sights just in case, light/laser and a bipod. Its Magpul furniture is finished in a tastefully subdued candy apple green. … Continue reading

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Small arms are fun at any age

And the stocks are available in many colors other than fashionable, manly pink.

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Morgan is waiting

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Good learning tools

Teaching people to shoot is so much easier with the right tools. Lasers help spot trigger control issues, sound suppressors remove muzzle flash and reduce noise to help combat flinching.

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More about teaching new shooters

After the short-range introduction shoot, Alex got excellent coaching from Brian in the finest Appleseed tradition. One key to a good shoot seems to be good ammunition: I usually bring a mix of Eley and CCI and have yet to … Continue reading

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A capable new shooter at the range

One of the range visitors today was a new shooter. Alex started with S&W617 with CB caps, then shot suppressed Walther P22, Ruger 22/45, STI Elektra 9mm, suppressed Glock 17,  Colt (her favorite) and Para Ordnance .45s, Coonan .357. Starting … Continue reading

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Carbon fiber pen by Brian Evichin

Skunkabilly would have approved: a carbon fiber pen with gold accents.

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Thinking of building a FAL?

Coonan makes more than just cool pistols. Background chain mail courtesy of Mike Williamson of Cloak & Dagger.

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