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A wedding present…

…from one friend to another. Gray Wolf Hoodie, formerly Red Riding Hood, test fires her present.

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M1911 in 7.62x25mm

  (Updated August 24 with the link to much larger image) Considering how often I’ve heard people profess a desire for such a pistol, it’s surprising to come across such a gun for the first time ever. It uses 5 shot … Continue reading

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Sam Hoster does good work.

What kind of gun would a man make for his daughter? Pretty and functional. 9mm 1911 with her name engraved on the slide. Made by Sam Hoster of Custom Defense.

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Personal weapons can be quite personal.

Back: my stock CZ SP01.  Front: friend’s custom SP01 with a trigger job and slightly less somber finish. I went to the store with CZ75SA in mind, ended up getting SP01 because it felt perfect in the hand. 75SA came … Continue reading

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This is my killing curse. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

“Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters: united with her, she is the mother of the arts and the origin of their marvels” This visual offense against good design actually shoots fairly well and the safety improves considerably on the … Continue reading

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Custom Knives by Nikolay.

My friend Nikolay makes awesome knives. I have a few of them here and just got done with the photos. Each one is unique, made of different materials and for different purposes. They are all for sale — and if … Continue reading

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New on CTD: Guns of Color

Read about Ceracoated firearms.

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Another Kandros Custom pistol

Made by Chad Kandros.

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What to get for someone who has everything?

Buying presents for many of my friends is hard. They can afford anything I can get them, and their kids are usually well taken care of as well. But I find that truly custom gifts — photographs, knives, other works … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits, you dance better — another article up on CTD blog

Short, light rifles for use by women and kids.

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Essentials for civilized living

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Carbon fiber pen by Brian Evichin

Skunkabilly would have approved: a carbon fiber pen with gold accents. Pocono pens

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50BMG cartridge pen by Brian Evichin

The real reason why the pen is sometimes mightier than the sword. Pen details

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Another custom pen by Brian

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Evichin gave me a hand-made pen. I finally had the time to post photos of it. The cap is magnetic and snaps on to either end of the pen. It’s truly a gift fit … Continue reading

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