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Firearms, a matter of credibility

Assuming an ideal spherical teenager in vacuum…ok, let’s not. Let’s use this very specific 12 year old in a hypothetical situation of being threatened by something human-like. From the perspective of the predator, which of her weapons would pose the … Continue reading

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Essentials for civilized living

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An alternate version of the Brady Campaign poster

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Sometimes simple solutions work very well

458 SOCOM loads by Carson Specialty Development are plain cast lead, loaded either full strength for hunting or 10% under for plinking. The advantage over jacketed or machined alloy loads is the price, some 40% lower. Ballistics match 45-70 Govt. … Continue reading

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Tough basic tools

A good set of tools for a leisurely walk out in the woods. The ax/walking stick was made by my friend Nick. He left the finish rough deliberately.

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