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Make your one shot count!

Model 1836 US Army pistol. Originally a .54 caliber flintlock pistol, it was converted to percussion ignition around the Civil War.

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Compensating for something?

You betcha!

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Tough basic tools

A good set of tools for a leisurely walk out in the woods. The ax/walking stick was made by my friend Nick. He left the finish rough deliberately.

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Getting sufficient practice with Kel-tec PF9

This Kel-tec PF9 is set up for inexpensive practice. CTC laser allows better dry fire practice by providing visual feedback to trigger control exercise. This way, if you don’t have time to get to the range, some practice can be … Continue reading

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Semi-auto .223 pistol as a farm vehicle gun

Takes up less room than a rifle, still works adequately on coyotes out to 150m or so. PLR16 | MRDS

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Bounty hunter with a .45

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.357 Magnum in an auto pistol

While in Minnesota, I got to introduce Arne Boberg to Dan Coonan. Dan’s .357 autoloader is only fractionally larger than an M1911, holds the same seven rounds and runs either 38spl or 357mag. I was always curious why people liked … Continue reading

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