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Speaking of rimfire ammo shortage

Ten months ago, I compared Keltec PLR22 and Crickett. Now, rimfire ammo availability is improving but everyone has a set view that it’s unavailable…at least for the prices they’d want to pay. That tips the balance towards the omnivorous Crickett … Continue reading

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Guns make a girl smile

And a bonus redhead picture:

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Which gun for a lady?

Both vz58 and “Pure Estrogen” AR15 are light, short and have good triggers. Neither has much kick. On the other hand, the last couple of women I encountered favored M1A, SKS and FS2000…so much for trying pick shoes, handbags and … Continue reading

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18+1 in a low-recoil, high-accuracy package

CZ SP01 is a delightfully well-balanced pistol. Nice hat from CZ Forum, too.

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A good choice for full power .357Mag

People recommend training as you would fight, yet many train with 38Spl and carry with 357Mag. That’s because full-power 357 ammo hurts to shoot in all but the largest revolvers. Coonan automatic weighs the same as a 45ACP 1911 and … Continue reading

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People control

As if there was any doubt that “gun control” is just a misnomer for people control, we have more evidence of the new direction on the part of the disarmers of lawful Americans. That direction is Soviet-style punitive psychiatry as … Continue reading

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Brass Stacker Mosin Scout rifle: New on AllOutdoor

Updating the military classic for practical field use I would also like to recommend an extensive video treatment of the same concept on the German side, a WW2 Mauser-based designated marksman rifle compared to the iron-sighted original.

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Back from SHOT Show.

Just returned from the least stressful, most productive SHOT show in my career. I got to meet many friends from all over the world. Got to look and try a wide variety of arms and accessories. Bringing back tremendous amount … Continue reading

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Usefulness of handheld automatic weapons.

When I lived in the Soviet Union, I heard people say that they didn’t need or want capitalist excesses of choices or resources. The notion that being poor but proud conferred an intellectual superiority is held by a few in … Continue reading

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The best thing about SHOT Show

Terrific friendly, knowledgeable people — thousands of them from all over the world.

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Back from shooting clays at SHOT Show Media Day

Pump shotguns ¬†and collimator gun sights have been around since the 1890s. Sound suppressors, since the following decade. ¬†Putting it all together on a skeet gun had to wait till the 21st Century. Not traditional enough for the purists? Forget … Continue reading

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Adobe Camera RAW 8.7 question

Older versions of Camera Raw had a setting for changing midtone brightness (gamma) during the image import. I don’t see a way to do that now other than with curves — but curves do not work with gradations or paintbrush … Continue reading

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Ready Range Target System: new on AllOutdoor

A day’s worth of targets in one hand.

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Origin 12 semi-auto shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

A take-down box-fed 12ga that handles like a light carbine.

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Something the government got right

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Bullets and bacon.

Every so often, some genius of strategy suggests using bullets dipped in pig fat to scare Islamic opponents. If history is any indication, deliberate or even accidental insensitivity to the religious views of others is a recipe for trouble. For … Continue reading

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Is religion a joking matter?

In my view, religion better be a joking matter! Jokes about Buddhism and Christianity and Judaism indicate the currency of these faiths, at least in the US. Few people people joke about Pagan pantheons because they aren’t relevant to the … Continue reading

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The ambidextrous nature of Kel-tec RDB

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Keltec KSG in fun mode

More information about KSG.

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A reasonable response to Islamic terrorism

Going after coreligionists of the offenders would make no more sense than bombing the Vatican in response to an IRA attack. The actual culprits of the Paris attack could have been shot dead in the act with minimal difficulty, except … Continue reading

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