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An Aryan superman

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О женщинах

А если их словом обидеть, невежливостью оскорбитьТо лучше бы некультурному на свете и вовсе не житьВ руке недрожащей Люгер выдаст громкий отказИ в голове непутёвой зажмурится третий глазА коли гость тот усопший привёл с собою друзейТо в магазине хватит свинца и … Continue reading

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For close range and much further out

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Slimming Down for the Summer

While I prefer to carry full-sized sidearms, sometimes something slim and relatively light is more appropriate. For the longest time, I used a pouch made by a good friend. Made to my specifications back when I had little understanding of … Continue reading

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Looking for a Panasonic G2 body (updated 4/22)

If you know of one for sale for under $300 in good shape, please let me know. (UPDATE: Found one, thanks for the lead!) Further update: The body I got had a broken sensor for switching between viewfinder and the … Continue reading

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Bullpups Unlimited conversion of Remington 870

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Revolving shotgun

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Reduced recoil Barrett M82A1

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SSG69 PIV, police variant

For more deliberate fire, a bipod or a sandbag would be preferable, but sitting position can be steady enough in many cases.

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AKMS underfolder with TechSights

TechSights | A-tacs

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Lasers for Ruger LCP

I happened to have two examples of LCP-compatible lasers on hand. Pistols with fixed sights of indifferent visibility definitely benefit from lasers for low-light use. I have seen more than one person go from 8 inch scatter to a tight … Continue reading

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A better sight for the Little Badger

Putting the MARS on the little single-shot .22 was a joke. The sight was too big and it sat much too high over the bore. The little Lucid M7 is smaller and much cheaper and so a closer match to … Continue reading

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Banning crossbows

In Medieval Europe, several countries banned crossbows and arbalests for civilian use. The reason was transparent: protecting the monopoly of armored knights and soldiers on effective violence. Crossbows were far easier to learn than longbows and quite effective against armor … Continue reading

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No such thing for the antis as “safe enough gun”

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Firefox freeze-ups (Windows 7)

For several days now, I am having Firefox freeze up for 20-30 seconds at a time every several minutes. Can’t figure out what’s causing it. Other programs appear unaffected during that time. Does anyone know if it’s caused by something … Continue reading

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Get your own Tavor

It’s now up for an auction. Get your own!

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Trojan Horse bag

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Three Lucid sights arrive

An updated 6-24x scope, an updated HD7 with capped turrets and the little M7 with an AR15 riser. It uses an auto brightness sensor with a manual override.

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“Fight like a real man”

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They won’t ban your single-shot .22, right?

.22 rifles are, by definition, rifled. In quite a few countries, that’s subject to a higher level of restriction than smoothbores. 22LR round is fixed ammunition, and that is also more restricted compared to loosely loaded black powder guns. The … Continue reading

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