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An Aryan superman

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О женщинах

Есть женщины в русской пехотеИх снайперами зовутВрага в перекрестье загонятИ за пол-версты попадутИной их не сразу заметит,Когда в камуфляже ониИ с пулей в башке он закончитСвои беспокойные дни А если их словом обидеть, невежливостью оскорбитьТо лучше бы некультурному на свете … Continue reading

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For close range and much further out

Barrett REC7 (6.8mm) with Vortex 1-4x scope. The shooter is an Army Captain, a veteran of the Afghan campaign.

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Slimming Down for the Summer

While I prefer to carry full-sized sidearms, sometimes something slim and relatively light is more appropriate. For the longest time, I used a pouch made by a good friend. Made to my specifications back when I had little understanding of … Continue reading

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Looking for a Panasonic G2 body (updated 4/22)

If you know of one for sale for under $300 in good shape, please let me know. (UPDATE: Found one, thanks for the lead!) Further update: The body I got had a broken sensor for switching between viewfinder and the … Continue reading

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Bullpups Unlimited conversion of Remington 870

It actually works very well. mfg site

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Revolving shotgun

.410 shotguns fill a certain niche. In this case, low recoil, light weight and good balance permitting one-handed operation are important, as is the reduced report volume.

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Reduced recoil Barrett M82A1

Barrett .416 fills in a slightly different tactical niche from the .50BMG variant. The rifles differ mostly in the barrel and the magazine, being able to use the same bolts and receivers. Flat trajectory and integrated ballistic computer give this … Continue reading

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SSG69 PIV, police variant

This illustrates the utility of short, handy PIV variant. With the scope set at 3.5x, off-hand snapshots are possible. That would be rather harder with the longer bull barrels typical of longer military sniper rifles. At typical police sniper ranges under … Continue reading

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AKMS underfolder with TechSights

I’ve featured TechSights here before. They double AK’s sight radius. TechSights | A-tacs

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Lasers for Ruger LCP

I happened to have two examples of LCP-compatible lasers on hand. Pistols with fixed sights of indifferent visibility definitely benefit from lasers for low-light use. I have seen more than one person go from 8 inch scatter to a tight … Continue reading

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A better sight for the Little Badger

Putting the MARS on the little single-shot .22 was a joke. The sight was too big and it sat much too high over the bore. The little Lucid M7 is smaller and much cheaper and so a closer match to … Continue reading

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Banning crossbows

In Medieval Europe, several countries banned crossbows and arbalests for civilian use. The reason was transparent: protecting the monopoly of armored knights and soldiers on effective violence. Crossbows were far easier to learn than longbows and quite effective against armor … Continue reading

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No such thing for the antis as “safe enough gun”

The technology behind this carbine is 1860s. The design is 1870s. This one is in .44Mag, but they are also available in .45Colt — again, 1870s technology that can work even with black powder and cast lead bullets. As we … Continue reading

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Firefox freeze-ups (Windows 7)

For several days now, I am having Firefox freeze up for 20-30 seconds at a time every several minutes. Can’t figure out what’s causing it. Other programs appear unaffected during that time. Does anyone know if it’s caused by something … Continue reading

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Get your own Tavor

I recently mentioned having a black Tavor on hand. It’s now up for an auction. Get your own!

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Trojan Horse bag

I had a chance to test fire the Rossi .410 revolver shotgun last weekend. Not much kick, easy manual of arms. Brenneke 3″ slugs cloverleafed at 15 yards, which was expected. Tried S&B five-pellet 00 (actually .31″) buckshot…mostly horizontal dispersion … Continue reading

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Three Lucid sights arrive

An updated 6-24x scope, an updated HD7 with capped turrets and the little M7 with an AR15 riser. It uses an auto brightness sensor with a manual override. The thrifty among us will like that it runs on a single … Continue reading

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“Fight like a real man”

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They won’t ban your single-shot .22, right?

.22 rifles are, by definition, rifled. In quite a few countries, that’s subject to a higher level of restriction than smoothbores. 22LR round is fixed ammunition, and that is also more restricted compared to loosely loaded black powder guns. The … Continue reading

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