SSG69 PIV, police variant

This illustrates the utility of short, handy PIV variant. With the scope set at 3.5x, off-hand snapshots are possible. That would be rather harder with the longer bull barrels typical of longer military sniper rifles. At typical police sniper ranges under 100 yards (departments report average range under 70 yards), the ballistic differences are minor, while handling advantages add up. With 1:10 twist rate, the barrel is optimized for heavier bullets that penetrate barriers well. It also works better with sound suppressors.

For more deliberate fire, a bipod or a sandbag would be preferable, but sitting position can be steady enough in many cases.

Sarah’s sidearm is a Steyr M9-A1 in a Sideguard holster.

Other details: A-tacs, MSA active hearing protection.

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3 Responses to SSG69 PIV, police variant

  1. David E says:

    Very nice, sir. 🙂

  2. John Hardin says:

    What camouflage pattern is that?

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