Reduced recoil Barrett M82A1

Barrett .416 fills in a slightly different tactical niche from the .50BMG variant. The rifles differ mostly in the barrel and the magazine, being able to use the same bolts and receivers.

Flat trajectory and integrated ballistic computer give this combination a good hit probability to pretty long ranges.

Reduced recoil also allows firing the gun from a greater variety of positions.

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8 Responses to Reduced recoil Barrett M82A1

  1. Adam says:

    1 – I love that it has back up irons!

    2 – The 5th picture really illustrates the size of this system! Your model is quite fit, but how tall is she relative to the overall length of the gun? She looks tiny behind it.

    3 – You get to play with the best toys.

    – Jealous (Adam)

    • Oleg Volk says:

      The model is 5’9″, 158lbs. The rifle was a bit heavy for her to move around quickly but rapid movements is more the domain of the shorter M107.

  2. Arkindole says:

    Nice outerwear; top/trousers. Could you mention the supplier/source?
    (Nice tools also, of course…)

  3. Kristophr says:

    The main reason for going to the .416 round was to screw over .50 BMG gun bans.

    The fact that it has a flatter trajectory than the .50 BMG is a bonus.

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  5. Jon says:

    I thought that was your picture when I saw it on Barrett’s Facebook page.

  6. Sid says:

    In case you need to shoot a grizzly bear hiding behind a concrete wall…… in the next county.

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