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Improving M1 carbine sights: New on AllOutdoor

Red dots to the rescue

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Death by Chocolate

This rifle has a name. Sweet! The color actually blends in the environment pretty well. Spotted at Condition One carbine course. Excellent training, by the way, very similar to the Swiss approach.  

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Personal endorsement: XR45-S

I currently carry XR9L and 9S pistols as the compact/subcompact options, and recommend XR45S for those who prefer larger bores. You can get cheaper subcompact guns, but none combine the long bullpup barrel, the low recoil of rotary breech, the … Continue reading

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Recoil in sub-compact 45ACP pistol

Recently, I had a chance to fire a few rounds through one of the Boberg XR45-S prototypes. It’s a controlled-feed bullpup pistol with 3.75″ barrel is a short 5.77″ slide. I wrote about it in detail earlier. Subjective impression from … Continue reading

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Teach the next generation.

Gun safety, effective marksmanship, and the ethics governing the use of such skills.  

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Learning to fly

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United States going the way of the USSR

Back in the USSR, something as simple as waxed paper was unavailable. The explanation I got was that it was possible to make them into primitive printing plates with a typewriter. Not sure how true the explanation is, but it … Continue reading

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Empathising with hoplophobes.

Some people, more often the left-leaning types, get bent out of shape by kids playing with toy guns or learning to shoot at a young age. Many schools ban anything that looks or can be used as a weapon. To … Continue reading

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K&M M17S556 bullpup article is back up on AllOutdoor

A very good development of the M17 concept.

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TWO new articles on

Czechpoint vz58 carbine Linear Compensators

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Not an Operator.

My friend isn’t Army, Marines or special operations ninja. Instead of a short-barreled MP5, a Sub2000 has to suffice. It works. Keltec weapon light on a rail forend, 50 round drum that actually functions, red dot sight, extended charging handle, … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB in teenage hands

Sarah 15, under 100 pounds and left-handed. Forward ejecting RFB works fine for her even though it tips the scales at 14.2lb fully scoped, BUISed, suppressed and loaded. The balance is far enough back for comfortable hold. I used this … Continue reading

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Two AK rifles for sale by my friends

Bulgarian .223 shortie AK74: “Factory wood foregrip and a plastic railed foregrip, 6 magazines (3 black and 3 clear). It’s the SBR done by Tim Foreman. 200rnds ran through it.” Asking $2250. NFA rules apply. I shot this rifle and … Continue reading

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Left-handed Rock River AR15 in use

Works pretty well for the kind of lefties I like. Tech details.  

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The amount of harm caused by any politician…

…can be estimated by his life expectancy in public without bodyguards.

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Gun Training During Pregnancy: New on AllOutdoor

Safe alternatives.

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Explosives up close: new on AllOutdoor

Feel the shockwaves!

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Red dots on AKs and shotguns

Having used Bulgarian, Polish and certain US polymer magazines, I am a convert. Steel is just too heavy for the same result. AK is a 3-4MOA rifle and yet nobody questions the utility of a red dot sight for improved … Continue reading

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My friend Dot

of the On a Wing and a Whim

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L’il Ugly again

I showed this carbine before, but this time it’s in a more realistic setting — with the user behind stout cover. While no match for 30-06AP, the tree would at least stop buzzgun emissions and buckshot. With the red dot, … Continue reading

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