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Improving M1 carbine sights: New on AllOutdoor

Red dots to the rescue

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Death by Chocolate

This rifle has a name. Sweet!

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Personal endorsement: XR45-S

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Recoil in sub-compact 45ACP pistol

Recently, I had a chance to fire a few rounds through one of the Boberg XR45-S prototypes. It’s a controlled-feed bullpup pistol with 3.75″ barrel is a short 5.77″ slide. I wrote about it in detail earlier. Subjective impression from … Continue reading

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Teach the next generation.

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Learning to fly

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United States going the way of the USSR

Back in the USSR, something as simple as waxed paper was unavailable. The explanation I got was that it was possible to make them into primitive printing plates with a typewriter. Not sure how true the explanation is, but it … Continue reading

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Empathising with hoplophobes.

Some people, more often the left-leaning types, get bent out of shape by kids playing with toy guns or learning to shoot at a young age. Many schools ban anything that looks or can be used as a weapon. To … Continue reading

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K&M M17S556 bullpup article is back up on AllOutdoor

A very good development of the M17 concept.

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TWO new articles on

Czechpoint vz58 carbine Linear Compensators

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Not an Operator.

Keltec weapon light on a rail forend, 50 round drum that actually functions, red dot sight, extended charging handle, GG&G adapter for single point sling, vertical foregrip. If 50 rounds feels like too much, 33rd and 17rd stick magazines also … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB in teenage hands

I used this plastic “bottle” from Target Factory to verify 100 yard zero of the 1-4x scope on the RFB. It moves vigorously when hit. She also does an excellent job with much lighter and even quieter guns.

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Two AK rifles for sale by my friends

Bulgarian .223 shortie AK74: “Factory wood foregrip and a plastic railed foregrip, 6 magazines (3 black and 3 clear). It’s the SBR done by Tim Foreman. 200rnds ran through it.” Asking $2250. NFA rules apply.

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Left-handed Rock River AR15 in use

Works pretty well for the kind of lefties I like. Tech details.  

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The amount of harm caused by any politician…

…can be estimated by his life expectancy in public without bodyguards.

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Gun Training During Pregnancy: New on AllOutdoor

Safe alternatives.

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Explosives up close: new on AllOutdoor

Feel the shockwaves!

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Red dots on AKs and shotguns

Having used Bulgarian, Polish and certain US polymer magazines, I am a convert. Steel is just too heavy for the same result. AK is a 3-4MOA rifle and yet nobody questions the utility of a red dot sight for improved … Continue reading

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My friend Dot

of the On a Wing and a Whim

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L’il Ugly again

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